Pitti Immagine e Futuretaste present

Il profumo del futuro

What will the future smell like, in terms of fragrances and flavors in the years to come? 4 talk show on developing scenarios in fragrances and tastes

Stazione Leopolda

What will the future smell like? Do we all have the same type of nose? Does everyone like the same smells to the same degree? And how do our sensations change over the years? These are just a few of the questions that the four talk shows, IL PROFUMO DEL FUTURO, will try to answer.
For two days – Friday afternoon and Saturday morning – 11 and 12 September – Italian and international celebrities and experts from the worlds of quality fragrances, wine-and-food, design and communications will discuss this complex panorama in four talk shows. The events will be complemented by images and materials gathered during a study that Futuretaste the research and consulting firm specializing in lifestyle issues, conducted in conjunction with Givaudan the French company and world leader in the production and distribution of essences and flavors for the food, cosmetic and fragrance industries.
Friday 11 September, 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. 
01: Historic-economic cycles in customs and fragrance cycles
A re-reading of the development of perfume through analysis of the following scenarios: historical period, identification of the period’s “icon” fragrance, advertising.
Eugenio Alphandery – director and co-owner of Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella
Patrizia Calefato – semiologist, professor of the socio-anthropology of fashion product at the University of Bari. 
Fabrizio Caprara – Ceo of Saatchi&Saatchi Italia
Marco Pallanti – wine maker and president of the Consorzio Chianti Classico
02: Truths and Myths about “natural”
Natural is not always synonymous with quality. A fragrance extracted from a biological product is not necessarily or consistently better than one derived from a non-biological substance. 
James Heeley – designer and creator of fragrances
Alessandro Sgaravatti – wine maker of natural wines Castello di Lispida
Laura Tonatto – creator of fragrances 
Silvio Ursini - executive Vice President Bulgari Hotels and founder of the project “Obikà”
Saturday 12 September, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
03: Smell the beverages and drink the perfumes
A synesthetic “game” to stimulate the complementarity of the senses in the approach to fragrance: we drink with our noses and not just our mouths …
Giuliana Cesari – winemaker of “Umberto Cesari” (Castel San Pietro – Bologna)
Felice Limosani – multimedia artist
Teo Musso – Birrificio Baladin of Tiozzo (Cuneo), beer maker and creator of a natural “Chinotto” (sour orange). 
Lorenzo Villoresi - creator of fragrances
04: The odor of the world: globalization or glocalization?
A journey through the olfactory geography of fragrance that changes according to the culture, climate and terroir of the countries and places where it is used.
Anna Barbara – architect, she deals with sensory projects
Marcella Bartoletti - Fragrance & Fragrance Issues Director di Unilever
Enrico Buccella - creator of fragrances
Paola Navone - architect and designer
Bob Noto – photographer and art director, author of an exhibition about the disgust in food 
The 4 sessions will be moderated by Davide Paolini and will include fragrance tests created to translate the topics and trends presented by the speakers into concrete olfactory experiences.
IL PROFUMO DEL FUTURO, produced by Pitti Immagine with consulting from Futuretaste, targets the members of the vast community – on the craft and industrial levels – that works with the most ethereal of the five senses. These are the people who create fragrances for the body and perfumed home accessories, wines and beverages, who sell and distribute, as well as stylists and fashion designers … all those who contribute to extending and changing the frontiers of contemporary tastes and lifestyles.
They, like anyone involved in these industries in any way, must be aware of worldwide consumer attitudes and trends. Of the five senses perhaps smell is the most closely tied to memory. However, there is also a memory of the future – somewhere between psychology, anthropology, history and contemporary references – and the forum at the Stazione Leopolda’s Alcatraz area will investigate and discuss issues that interest the trade and the general public as well. 
And this is one of the goals that Pitti Immagine has set for Fragranze, the event that emphasizes the great traditions and innovative role of Florence in creative contemporary perfumery.
Il Profumo del Futuro is part of Fragranze a Firenze, the program of events and meetings dedicated to makers and distributors of fragrances and essences, to excellent noses, to professionals and to those who are simply curious about new lifestyles. It is held in Florence concomitantly with Fragranze (Stazione Leopolda, 11-13 September 2009), the Pitti Immagine fair featuring artistic perfumery and the new olfactory culture.
Futuretaste is a socio-behavioral research company dedicated to studying future scenarios in various fields.  Futuretaste collects the most sophisticated and complete research from all over the world and makes it available to the public by organizing a series of Forums. 
In this way, the information can be used as a basis for discussion by experts in various sectors, encouraging research and development by companies and institutions.
In addition to Futuretaste®, held in Parma, sponsored by Fiere di Parma and the City Council, the latest studies carried out - Futurewine®, Futurebar® and Futurestaurant® - will be presented at Il Profumo del Futuro , created and realized for Pitti.
The Fedrigoni Group will also be taking part in Profumo del Futuro and presenting every participant at the forum with the new “Docking” notebook from the FABRIANO BOUTIQUE line, the new series of notebooks designed for meetings or special subjects.  Slim and elegant, with ruled paper, they are expandable and can also be bound together.