VERBA OLENT. A journey into the literature of scent

Stazione Leopolda

Fragrances and odors through the centuries of Western literature: a secret and highly emotional trail, with scents that express eros, nostalgia, mores and mysticism. From the Bible to Baudelaire, from Shakespeare to Pascoli, the most mysterious – and most neglected – of the senses identifies characters, conveys feelings, evokes memories – it expresses the impalpable, the invisible, the unspeakable.


Pitti Fragranze presents VERBA OLENT. Viaggio nella letteratura del profumo – A journey into the literature of scent - through the thousand nuances of literary scents or scented literature. The project springs from a concept by Silvia Bruno Ventre, the Fragranze marketing consultant and is curated by Giovanna Zucconi, journalist, radio-tv personality and the spirit behind Serra&Fonseca, the brand that explores the links between perfume, literature, art and design. 


VERBA OLENT will be presented in an installation-event by the eccentric and talented lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni: a light and rarefied atmosphere where like molecules wafting through the air, balloons will invade the area intoxicating the eyes and nose, while open books descend from the ceiling with words and phrases which, like fragrances, become vehicles for feelings and memories.