Sauf by UNUM Parfum debuts at Pitti Fragranze with an all-embracing sensory event amidst music and the sense of smell

Basilica di San Miniato al Monte

Debuting at Pitti Fragranze, is SAUF, the new project by UNUM parfum, under the creative direction of the eclectic artist Filippo Sorcinelli.
50ml of pure magic, SAUF fragrances tells a story of spirituality, intimacy, music and incense. Fragrances that recall the unique sound generated by the organ in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The bottle design is even more distinctive,  faithfully imitating the measurements of the organ stops.
This has given rise to three fragrances for Pitti Fragranze - Plein Jeu III-V, Contre Bombarde 32 and VoixHumaine 8 – to kick off a project that is imbued with artistic influences, marking an important stage in the programme of UNUM.
To celebrate the launch of Sauf, Filippo Sorcinelli has created "Vox in Organo – sound and olfactory improvisations”, taking place Saturday 10 September in the Basilica di San Miniato a Monte. A journey through the art of vocal and organ improvisation, with the participation of the soprano Laura Catrani, Vox in Organo is the celebration of creative freedom to extemporise, as a sensory and emotional stimulus.

Music, of all the arts, doesn’t require figurative or physical references: so it is no surprise that the link between the musical and olfactory world is so clear and unique.