Norcia Studio/ Coexist
Air, space, fragrances

Coexist Store

During this edition of Fragranze, Coexist is hosting Norcia Studio, an Italian and international beauty product, avant-garde cosmetic and niche designer perfume agency which will be presenting its new brands: Le Galion, Technique Indiscrete, Élisire, Deage, Ambuja, Sûrface and Fabio Lo coco, with sole distribution in Italy. Appointment on Friday 14 September from 8 pm at the Coexist store in Piazza Nazario Sauro 22r, where, in conjunction with ‘’Le Ragazze posate‘’ a fine selection of food and drink will be offered in line with the fragrances by the new brands. The evening will involve a live deejay set, interactive installations by Nicolas Sala and Davide Fogazzi.