Filippo Sorcinelli - Sinestesie dell'anima

Basilica di San Miniato al Monte

A journey into the Spirituality that involves the five senses. It’s possible to listen and see what the Soul says, taste through feel, sense through touch, remember through smell. After handling the artistic direction of Synesthesia - the first Italian festival dedicated to this phenomenon - Filippo Sorcinelli, creator of UNUM Parfums, will direct his vocal octet Extrait de Musique connecting music and scent together with words and readings by the abbot Bernardo Francesco Gianni, on the dual occasion of Pitti Fragranze and the Millennium jubilee of San Miniato al Monte, Friday 14 September, at 9:00 p.m., in the splendid setting of Basilica San Miniato al Monte in Florence.