Male beauty routine, even more sophisticated

Specialty products for male personal care -  creams, oils and soaps for face and body, anti-aging serums, shaving products - that combine tradition and research, the curative properties of plants and a medical-scientific approach.
Antica Barbieria Colla di Franco Bompieri - is the most famous barbershop in Milan. Its one hundred-plus years of history are embedded in the collection of colognes and products for beardcare and haircare. Traditional formulas include herbal conditioner, egg and rum shampoo, apricot hull aftershave, and strengthening anti-hair loss lotion made of capsicum and menthol. This year the Almond Oil & Aloe Pre-shave Cream is presented, a unique formula, which combines essential oils in a soothing base.
Bentley Fragrances –  Today, the prestigious international brand Bentley Fragrances presents a new male fragrance: BENTLEY MOMENTUM, a new intense scent for an urban trendsetter. As well as Bentley has explored the power, performances and maestry limits since its first rhombus in 1919, the man who chooses Bentley Momentum is searching for excellence and innovation. This new masterpiece is proposed in two intensities, each with its distinctive olfactory traits: Bentley Momentum Eau de Toilette and Bentley Momentum Intense Eau de Parfum.
David Mallett - David Mallett is considered one of the leading salons in Paris. Using 4 key ingredients, Keravis, palmitoleic acid, Japanese red algae, and Murray River salt, David Mallett formulates a series of products capable of adapting themselves to every scalp type, with effective results that do not irritate even the most sensitive or allergically prone skin types. The entire line of products is made up by highly concentrated pure formulas that are completely free of every superfluous substance, in order to ensure that the delicate structure of the hair remains undamaged. Mask N.2 Volume and Gold Dust are the brand’s latest creations. Distributed by ESSENCES.
Taylor of Old Bond Street - For more than 150 years, the London-based Taylor of Old Bond Street barbershop has dedicated itself to the art of shaving and men's grooming. Still firmly in the hands of the founder's descendants, it owes its success to the creation of proposals that satisfies the daily needs of a demanding clientele, who consider the salon in Jermyn Street 74, which is located in the heart of the city and clubbing area, to be an essential stop for the modern gentleman. The New Arrival for 2017 is the Platinum Collection, featuring new individual fragrances, shaving soap in a wooden bowl, and shaving cream. With its dynamic fragrance and striking chromed packaging, it is perfectly suited to a bold style that will never pass unobserved. Distributed by CALE’.
Truefitt&Hill - Truefitt&Hill is the world's oldest barbershop, as certified by the Guinness Book of Records. Centuries-old expertise in men's grooming and the ability to remain at the top of cosmetic innovation: these are the defining features of the brand that was first launched in 1805 in London's elegant Mayfair neighborhood. The colognes, shaving accessories, and grooming products take traditional craft workmanship and merge it with the most cutting-edge production techniques. Among the New Product Arrivals for 2017 is the Advanced Treatment Serum, a revitalizing serum with extraordinary alleviating properties, and the Intensive Skin Renewal Booster, an authentic concentration of energy that favors the natural production of collagen. Distributed by CALE’.