Rose de Taif
Gian Luca Perris
Perris Monte Carlo

The Murmur of the Innocents
Gottfried Helnwein
oil and acrylic on canvas


The artist—identity unknown—of “Rose de Taif” has created for their patron Michele Perris a scent photograph. However, Photo Realism—which is the style of this work—is always more real than reality. The invisible rose presented here is utterly lovely, hugely detailed, and almost impossibly tender, the same qualities Gottfried Helnwein gives the little girl in his Photo Realist painting “The Murmur of the Innocents.” Her loveliness is made more striking (and a bit more frightening) by the fragility of her left clavicle, which Helnwein highlights with carefully painted shadows. “Rose de Taif” is, as all Photo Realism is, a brilliant false perfection that forces us to experience the real with unreal heightened intensity.

Distributed by:  LOFT SAM