Scent Diary

The "Diary" is back, also at Fragranze 10

To discover the world of olfactory culture, the top names from the artistic perfumery and the structure and quality of fragrances exhibited at the show. A special cahier des fragrances signed by Ermano Picco.

Preview 05.09
A first foretaste of Fragranze 10
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le ultime pillole prima dell'apertura del Salone
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Preview 05.09

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Neela Vermeire celebrates the first anniversary of her range bringing perfumes to Fragranze that are inspired by her homeland, India. Three historical periods, three olfactory moods for a creator and enthusiast who has managed to distil her inner energy. Trayee (Vedic India) woody, spicy and balsamic, Mohur (the Mughal empire) a romantic voluptuous chypre and Bombay Bling (modern-day India) a tempting pyrotechnic floral are very interesting because they are an original narration of this mystic land through the nose of one of its natives, thanks to the skill of a perfumer who has India in his heart: Bertrand Duchaufour. 
Photo credits Neela Vermeire Creations


Tango, Deco and Voga are just some of the evocative names of soaps produced by Claus Porto according to a secular tradition since 1887, at Fragranze for the first time.
 Artisan Portuguese manufacture and formulas enriched with oils and emollients turn them into a simple everyday luxury. The fragrances, from the most classic like verbena and lavender to the trendiest, and hand-made vintage packaging make them a pleasure for eyes and nose. A temptation that would be a shame to resist: No. 8741, with pear and sandalwood. 
Photo credits Ermano Picco - La Gardenia nell'Occhiello


Iconic style and beat soul, the Swiss fragrance creator Vero Kern returns to Pitti with a new creation inspired by the gardens of Villa d’Este in Tivoli that "took me back to my childhood, when everything was blissful unawareness and unique".  Green and white are the symbol colours for Mito, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Vero Profumo with the surreal fresco of a stroll through magnolias in bloom, meandering through lands inhabited by legendary beasts and sparkling water springs. This much-awaited tribute to Italy leaves its mark, a country where Vero confesses she feels at home, blending classic fragrances with her contemporary touch.
Copyright ©Sofo Berdzenishvili


Almost a must-have for fans of the olfactory chiaroscuro that makes creations by Mona d’Orio stand out. The breadth of sensations of her early compositions comes together in Rose Etoile d’Hollande with the explosive clearness of Les Nombres d’Or line in an equilibrium that Mona has calibrated to the millimetre, studying this fabulous variety of rose for years, the favourite of her maestro Edmond Roudnitska. 

It releases a flight of crisp, airy, delicate fruity petals that becomes velvet as it warms on the skin and allows the unmistakable trademark of this talented creator to emerge. 
Photo credits Mona di Orio Parfums


What happens when an irreverent authoress entrusts her memories of a journey to an exceptional perfumer? The two travellers, the muse and the artist, Denyse Beaulieu and Bertrand Duchaufour, decide to team up and write this olfactory tale as a duo. And who better than a precursor of parfum-voyage like L’Artisan Parfumeur could distil the enchantment of a night of passion in Seville among the orange blossoms and the rites of Holy Week?  Luminous and inebriating, it will certainly appeal to lovers of orange blossom but also to those looking for unexpected seduction thanks to its languid base notes which suddenly make Seville à l’Aube much more than a simple soliflore. 
Photo credits L'Artisan Parfumeur

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A Lab on Fire

Improbable and intriguing, they sound almost like charades but Anonyme ou OP-1475-A and What we do in Paris is secret are quite simply the names of two of the fragrances by this brand, which focuses on the creativity of noses like Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Carlos Benaïm. Practical also in terms of price, the minimal 15 ml fun bottles are available for the entire range, including the latest creation, Sweet Dreams 2003, for which Thierry Wasser was inspired by a happy moment recalled by the Mediterranean breeze laden with orange blossom.
Photo credits A Lab on Fire

Aedes de Venustas

A reflection of the opulence of the boudoir boutique in New York founded in 1995 by Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner, the Aedes de Venustas bottle is topped with a glorious gilded lid bearing the logo. The purple glass hides a futuristic chypre of which the main player is freshly picked rhubarb, crunchy and sour, ready to conquer with its impertinence. Its radical construction opens with the sharp notes of grapefruit, fading to dry soft patchouli, tailored by Bertrand Duchaufour like an elegant contemporary garment.
Photo credits Aedes de Venustas


With Peoneve Olivier Cresp pays homage to the Brits’ love for gardens in this eau de parfum where the peony is broken down in botanical table style and presented in all its aspects. There is the modern freshness of dew, the rosy romantic aura of the petals that hide an unexpected irresistible sensuality, the lymphatic, slightly medicinal touch of the pistils and even the dankness of damp soil that enhances the delicacy of the peony. More than a simple soliflore, it suggests a stroll among the royal flower beds in Kew Gardens one morning in June.
Photo credits Penhaligon's

The Laundress

Not only for hardened fashionistas who want to take care of their wardrobe of unique pieces, printed silks and pure cashmere knitwear, but also for anyone wanting to spoil their clothes with natural detergent bases scented only with essential oils that respect the environment and more delicate fibres. Laundry becomes art and science thanks to true treatments like Wool&Cashmere Shampoo, a luxury way to pamper and restore favourite sweaters. The Laundress also presents its new Wool&Cashmere Spray at Fragranze, nourishment and protection for fibres thanks to keratin and a natural moth deterrent: essence of cedar.
Photo credits The Laundress©


Salvia sclarea, together with the green decisive notes of calamus and galbanum, contrasted by the milky softness of green almond, vanilla and iris: this is Candour, the new fragrance by Humiecki&Graef, inspired by affinity, that sensation of belonging between two souls who have merely caressed. The presentation photo chosen by Tobias Müksch and Sebastian Fischenich gives a good idea of the tension in this caress that the two Christophes (Hornetz and Laudamiel) have translated perfectly into a grassy vibrant scent, emotional and unusual.
Photo credits Humiecki&Graef

Olivier Durbano

The sunlight that warms the cold stone: the heliotrope, an essence and a gemstone that share the same name. Olivier Durbano, amused by this same name, launched this fragrance that warms his beloved incense of a floral and light softness, not without a mysterious touch such as the green of his Pièrre poème.


Hot as the clandestine atmosphere of an elegant jazz club, the latest fragrance of Frapin reveals on the skin a soft touch of tobacco, characterized by amber and almond tones. 

Fueguia 1833 Patagonia

The Argentine Pride burns in Guayacan, a candle made with 100% soy wax. A solid and stylish packaging that includes the glass and a raw wooded cover that becomes a coaster while the candle is burning. 


A modern glam atmosphere reflects in this fragrance inspired by the city of Los Angeles. A characteristic of this fragrance is the plastic and hypnotic scent of the celluloid.


Lighter and carefree than the classic Xerjioff collection, the latest collection Join The Clun is dedicated to the chicest hobbies such as Jazz music and horseriding.

Artisan Parfumeur

A fairytale packaging for the new line of L'Artisan Parfumeur candles that pay homage to Grasse, the “perfume Toyland”. And along with the toys there is the scent of autumn hazelnut cream and woods in L'Automne.


An interesting and very masculine fragrance, Interlude Man leaves on your skin the aura of myrrh, amber and burnt wood. 


After the search of the roots, Grossmith London lays the foundation for a brilliant future. And it is the case to say it, smelling this chypre that blends together tradition and modernity. Dry and sparkling like a glass of champagne.

Blood Concept


The clinical and futuristic packaging perfectly reflects +MA with its notes inspired by the white color. 


The elegant tradition of Houbigant becomes contemporary: Orangers en Fleur takes the classic theme of orange blossom to develop a symphony of white flowers, with woody and amber notes. 

Nico Uytterhaegen

Unisekt Vyyr is a surreal fragrance that was born from the fetish imaginary of Nico Uytterhaegen, Belgian designer whose leitmotif is the use of the skin.




Energy and juicy, I'm glad that Rigaud revisited Tournesol that blends together warm and aromatic notes of the sunflower and sandalwood with the sour impertinence of the currant. A true antidepressant for autumn days.

Naomi Goodsir

Naomi Goodsir is an Australian hats designer that is valued by the most important brand of Haute Couture. At Fragranze 10 she presents two perfumes inspired by her neo-victorian and eclectic style. Bois d'ascense choose the hieratic imprint of the labdanum that surrounds woods and frankincense combined with spices. Surprisingly, the sacred and the profane.


A sweet soul with a strong character: Anima Dulcis created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier for Carlos Huber surprises with a gourmand harmony rich of contrasts. Dry and aromatic at first, the fragrance melts on the skin with a creamy toasted. Irresistible even on the male skin.

Maria Candida Gentile

Green, air and hypnotic at first, then creamy and mellow, full of contrasts like the voice of Billy Holiday. Lady Day parfum reveals the mellow and erotic veil of leather.


Marseille and Saigon, two distant yet connected cities. Similarly iris and tobacco, feminine and masculine, that merge on the skin, through an olfactory journey that explores fascinating spices and colonial atmospheres. Volutes is a fine fragrance that deserves the richness of an eau de parfum.

Torre of Tuscany

Authentic and masculine, Berkana eau de parfum combines a discreet elegance and a magnetic allure. It reveals itself though an herbal and aromatic harmony of hay with the sensual touch of balsamic resins and woods that give great length and depth on the skin.

Histoires d’Eaux

A game of seduction, “Et Maintenent” ... a song whispered hoarsely. The vetiver joins the unexpected caress of coconut that  it reinterprets with a renovate charm.

Parfumerie Generale

I hate lavender, or not, I like it! Here is your chance to change your mind: Pierre Guillaume plays, the concept of fougère. Three types of lavender, frescho, herbaceous and balsamic open the way to a landscape of dunes, warm sandy beaches, like silk on the skin.