The Andrea Caputo Architecture Studio is responsible for the interior fitting at SUPER

The entire layout of SUPER, covering a surface area of 4,200 m², has been completely revamped.

The areas and the hyper-modern and minimal spaces of THE MALL are enriched with the specially designed interior project by Andrea Caputo, the Milan based architecture and design studio with excellent international partnerships: it has launched the urban catalogue that accompanies the visitor throughout their entire visit and alternates plants, flowers and natural elements giving form to an enormous pattern of sensations, distributed within the area. 

“I've found it an interesting task to streamline a series of exhibition systems that are about fashion, with another equally modular system like that of nature – Andrea Caputo tells us – the result has striking visual impact, a sort of controlled chaos that accompanies the visitor for the entire way, dismantling any hierarchy”.
The effect and the visual references of the interiors brings to mind an out of town garden centre where plants are placed in an uninterrupted riot of greenery. There is, furthermore, an intensely urban component, or to be exact, element of urban planning. The backdrop is laid out on a grid, like metropolitan blocks, providing the space to mingle the natural and constructed.

Andrea Caputo is the Milan based architecture and design studio that works in the architecture and design sector conducting research on contemporary themes. Research that aims to identify the actions and ideas that influence and shape our society, in order to create better solutions for all the necessities of daily life. The studio is currently involved in a large number of projects, both contract and private, in Europe and Asia. 
All of the green elements for the project have been installed by Giardini Galbiati, Milan.