What they said about Super 8

The buyers:
Josie Gardner, buyer designer accessories Selfridges (London) 
This was my first trip to SUPER and it was truly a positive experience! The event is designed to be extremely functional and clear for the buyers. I found high quality brands and a top-tier organization. I am really thrilled about these three days during fashion week, especially in this convenient and central location that is close to the station and connected to the showrooms with a shuttle service.”
Francesco Cimenti, Dante 5 (Italy)
“My feedback on the event is most definitely positive. I noticed a big improvement in the organisation of SUPER, in the search for brands, in quality and in the highly international nature of the collections on show. The location is certainly convenient and strategic for getting around in the city afterwards. The layout is very functional and high-impact.”
The exhibitors:
Ketaki Kor, Sales Manager SOLOVIÈRE
“We can summarize our opinion of the event in just a few words: we will definitely return! It was a great experience and concretely useful for our business. We met many buyers – some very big, others strategic – and we are really satisfied. Then, we have to add that we spent three days in a place with a truly unique and classy layout  and an atmosphere filled with energy and creativity.”
Elena Occhio, Press Office SEE MEE
“The event’s quality level at this edition has definitely risen and from many standpoints: increasingly well-focused brand scouting with quality brands, an important, central and well-connected location. A good edition, no doubt. Of course there are always points that need further development, but this new type of SUPER is already headed in the right direction.”
Maria Icho, founder and designer of MA’RY’YA
“This was an absolutely positive edition for SUPER and for us. In addition to our usual visitors, we got new and interesting clients from Italy, France, Netherlands, Japan…and some are very important. So many buyers and they were enthusiastic starting from the first day. The location is definitely great, being central and functional and the fair design is grandiose. If I may, I’d like to add that the positive experience at SUPER is also made possible by the always fine organization with the Pitti Immagine signature”.
Lynne McCrossan, founder CROSSCASHMERE
“We are very satisfied with our participation in SUPER. A fine, very business-oriented, but calm atmosphere. I like the fair’s open structure and the fact that it is “easy to use and enjoy”. The buyers stop by, everything is made to support our work. I have participated in other trade fairs, but I find SUPER really valid! We met with international buyers and made interesting contacts.”
about the SUPER TALENTS project:
Thita Kamonnetsawat and Pongsak Suprratccheep, designers for Rotsaniyom White Label
“Really a great experience. The atmosphere at SUPER is truly filled with energy. The layout design is optimum for us – the exhibitors, and for the buyers, and you can feel the overall satisfaction in the air. We made interesting contacts and booked orders with Italian and foreign buyers – from Dubai and Japan for example.”
about the MORE DASH: EYE ON THE EAST special area:
Pambukhchyan Shushan,  founder and designer Shushan

“Compared to the last edition, the fair’s change of direction is really noticeable. The location is cool, central, functional, fashionable and highly creative…definitely right for us, the exhibitors, and the buyers. Excellent scouting: the selection you showcased is definitely pointed in the right direction and should be strengthened. During these past three days we met with many buyers especially from the Middle East, Asia and Italy.”