A mix of multi-cultural inspirations and artistic media for special or one-of-a-kind pieces

DDM Daniela De Marchi - Dropage, a patented texture, is the fil rouge of all the collections. Made in Italy, timeless style and craftsmanship are woven together in customisable jewellery with an evergreen design, created in brass, bronze and silver, with gold and natural stones. Each piece is unique.
LITTLE SHILPA - An eclectic mixture of multi-cultural inspirations. Dresses and accessories made with innovative raw materials, in a game of overlapping forms and colour blocks, combine perfectly with fashion films, photographs and works of art. Decadence and modernity, linear forms and architectural constructions: elements that may appear contrasting find a sense of continuity. @SUPER TALENTS
MICHELE CHIOCCIOLINIBorn in 1982 in Florence and well-educated with a polyhedral spirit. Creator of a line of leather clutch bags made in Italy, hand-cut and sewn by skilled craftsmen. Inspired by the 1980s pop images that have always accompanied the designer’s work: graffiti, Madonna, Prince, Keith Haring.


NATARGEORGIOU Established in 2012 by Greek-Cypriot duo Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou, the brand is now well-known for the cutting edge design of its knitwear garments. From season to season, it expresses its creativity with unexpected combinations of surprising materials. @SUPER TALENTS
ROSSELLA JARDINI - Designer, style icon and Franco Moschino’s muse, Rossella Jardini presents the collection that bears her name, recently launched on the market. The former creative director for Moschino will bring her new collection to SUPER, with a special installation curated by Joann Tan.
STUDSWAR – Forward thinking and the quest for a style that looks to the future, finding inspiration in the contemporary, but miles away from the codes of the latest trends. Sneakers with unique, exquisitely simple details: patches, embroideries and studs mix with micro-paintings and pom-poms. Classic shapes for slip-ons and chuck tailors.
TheDots – Unique creations, characterised by resistant materials of ultra-high quality, with panels, artwork and removable accessories. The woman’s case is called “LadyV.”, "24/7Boris" is the version for the super-busy gentleman; "CoolChloe" is for adventurous girls with a mystical side and “Cubie” is designed to delight young creative nerds.

Tuba ErginTechnology, streetwear and sustainability find common ground. The organic forms, the micro-biosphere, the most unique botanical species, all congregate only at the centre of the research by designer Tuba Ergin, who lives in Turkey. A strong image for a new creative hybridism with an eye on the future.