Ironic, downright cheeky or with a dream in mind, but always in full colour. Collections that play around with the game of fashion. Without ever taking themselves too seriously

ALESSANDRO ENRIQUEZ – Eccentric and cosmopolitan, Enriquez chooses to express himself with a line of It Bags seen by the designer as a path to development in which he pairs his irony with the flawless craftsmanship of products made in Tuscany... all seasoned with family memories.
DICTIONARY PROJECTThe SS17 collection explores the marine world and ocean floor. The colours and sea-life animate the garments giving them an ultra-modern identity, suspended between pop and the coolest of urban styles. The collection “under the sea” is made up of: Orca, Dolphin, Crab, Seahorse, Jellyfish, Oyster, Starfish and Octopus.
DYVOOO Fantastic animals revamped in a primitive style, Dyvooo relies on the collaboration of local artists. A modern, positive, full colour mood. Suitable for t-shirts but also for a range of Italian-made après ski boots, the Dyvooo Boots, followed by the Dyvooo Sneakers for SS 2017.
INDAIA MADE IN BRAZILFed-up with the same old flip-flops? With this product made in Brazil you will definitely turn heads! Ethnic mood and pop style weave together and tease one another in a fun tribute to Frida Kahlo, decorated with stones and Swarovski crystal applications.   
MARIANNA SENCHINA - A look that begins where street style meets pop culture, inspired by everyday life and its requirements. An ironic, colourful style, characterised by male silhouettes is making a name for itself. A cocktail that mixes mannish rigour and kaleidoscopic patterns. @MORE DASH: EYE ON THE EAST
MARIO PINI - In the collections designed by Mario Pini, femininity is a fundamental element. His footwear is a clever weave of plexiglass, metallic elements and precious leathers. A style that is impossible to classify and focuses on generating objects of desire.
PEECH – Ironic and brand new. The collection of jewellery and leather accessories that offers a "rebus" but also a medal. PEECH, a hotpot of ideas coordinated by creative mind Amedeo Piccione, designer born in 1990, provided a voice for his personal "fashion game".
SHUSHAN - Completely self-taught, 20 year-old Armenian designer Pambukhchyan Shushan lives in Kiev and is the creator of the Shushan brand. Clean-cut garments are enhanced by a careful attention to detail in a unique style that identifies itself in absolute comfort and a perfect fit. @SUPER TALENTS
TALLER MARMOA bridge between East and West, between creativity and innovation, dedicated to an ideal that looks to the past as its source of inspiration. This is “contemporary nostalgia”, the essence of the brand. Garments to dress the cosmopolitan woman, with vivacious prints and an ironic appeal. @SUPER TALENTS

WEANNABE - Established in 2014 by Anna Sokol, ex professional photographer, the brand of the smart and casual look mixes minimal and male-inspired garments, such as oversized suits and outerwear, with ultra-feminine maxi ruches in leather. @MORE DASH: EYE ON THE EAST