From Armenia to Super

New edition of the focus on fashion creativity from ARMENIA, in collaboration with Fashion & Design Chamber of Armenia. The protagonists are 9 brands and young designers

They have the shapes, colors and personality of the land they come from. They are the collections of the nine brands selected to represent the new Armenian fashion scene at Super. A crossroads between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Armenia inspires and astounds for its ability to combine ancient Caucasian traditions with the creativity of its young designers.
The special project dedicated to the up-and-coming fashion and design scene from Armenia realized in collaboration with the Fashion & Design Chamber of Armenia, returns at this edition of Super. A Superinitiative in support of new talents that aims to offer a global launch to this country’s emerging talents and exalt local production.
The project is supported within the scope of the European Union in Armenia funded SMEDA project under the #EU4Business initiative.  
The protagonists will be 9 young designers - selected together with Vahan Khachatryan, President of the Fashion & Design Chamber of Armenia - some of them at their international debut:

Damink, Demiurge, Kivera Naynomis, Loom Weaving, Made, Nikolyan, Ruzane, Soncess, Teress.

A brand that blends fashion and photography, the two great passions of designer Damian Hovhannisyan. Talent and intuition led him to capture special moments through his lens, to then transport them into the physical world of his fashion creations. The mix of Damink does not pass unnoticed: every item resembles a walking work of art.

Dark, mysterious, occasionally gothic. Nature serves as the model for Demiurge jewels. These are the origins of accessories that become talismans, seemingly coming from faraway and timeless worlds, with an ever-present animal spirit guide. Finally, attention to details and to small precious stones is what makes this collection a genuine expression of new Armenian creativity.


Founded in 2005 by the designer Arevik Simonyan, the Kivera Naynomis brand is the mouthpiece of a striking style that satisfies – through the development of two distinct lines – the souls of luxury and casual that coexist in every woman. The collection for the coming summer focuses on natural materials, bright colors, and handmade embroideries with stones and beads.

LOOM Weaving

A brand founded in 2014 by Inga & Elen Manukyan, two sisters who chose to combine their passion for fashion with the most advanced knitwear design. Wonderful intarsia, natural yarns, and sophisticated palettes. In the spring-summer 2020 collection, standing out are fuchsia and a special blue tone inspired by the waves of the sea, together with extremely light touches of mohair and lurex. 


More than a brand, Made is a platform that reunites young creative talents with a clear orientation towards craft workmanship. The project, first conceived in 2018 to promote the development of rural areas, is also a school for professional training and an incubator of ideas at the same time. From the workshops, arrive unique accessories, jewels that do not pass unnoticed, strongly evoking the handmade Armenian tradition. 


Bearing the name of its founder, the designer Aram Nikolyan, the brand exalts Armenian tradition, coordinating it with minimalist and destructured lines. His creations for spring-summer 2020 bets it all on handmade floral embroideries that light up the blacks and blues of ultra-feminine dresses.  

Sophisticated and feminine, the dresses of the Ruzane brand recall a classic style without ever sacrificing original details. The stylistic calling card of the spring-summer 2020 collection created by designer Ruzanna Vardanyan is transparency that allows the beauty present in every single thing to be glimpsed: in art, in nature, and in the body’s details.

A desire for freedom and the desire to amaze are the raw materials for Sona Hakobyan, founder of the brand Soncess. Accordingly, in her lines, seemingly incompatible materials merge together and create dresses with a precise identity and unique details. The spring-summer 2020 collection plays on mixes of outfits for a total look that can span from morning until evening. 

The bon ton dress is at the center of the stylistic research of Teress that always manages to combine retro-styled feminine looks with the latest fashion themes, like the relationship between man and nature. Water, earth and sun can be found in the spring-summer 2020 collection bearing the name of one of the most well-known Greek islands, Santorini, evoking its lifestyle with soft and romantic lines and colors that pass from pastel to those that are strong and distinctive.