Fashion materials

Silk, alpaca, velvet, denim, crystals, and laminated reptile skin. Clear contrasts, extremely creative, in the textures that accompany the collections presented at Super. Many sensory experiences, matched by an equal number of souls in new outfits.

Shaft Jeans

Without ever renouncing the brand’s identity, Shaft Jeans renews itself with each season thanks to international collaborations that push research onto materials and washings towards new horizons. The rigor and creativity of Made in Italy merge with the great tradition of American denim in creating unique outfits that conquer international markets.

Jimmy Crystal


From New York, Jimmy Crystal launches its sunglasses and reading glasses with something extra: the radiance of original Swarovski crystals. Small gems, artisanally applied and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which transforms this accessory into a bright jewel.

Gelso Milano


Gelso Milano is a start-up founded in the Lombardy capital by Ekaterina Polyakova. Its collections are an ode to silk, a fine and elegant material, as well as an ally to our well-being, above all at night. Thermally insulating and breathable, this natural fabric makes the hair shine and prevents wrinkles. Plus, the addition of Aloe Vera and collagen in the night masks and in the headwraps reinforces the effects.

Les Tricots d'O


Like a warm embrace, Les Tricot D’O maxi sweaters with stripes bring color and softness to every season. In Antwerp, Belgium, the collection is strictly handmade by women who would not normally have access to the job market, and is comprised by the finest yarns: in addition to alpaca, there is kid mohair and silk for a shiny effect.



Ninni, which was founded in Naples in the Nineties as a boutique, quickly became a point of reference for the city’s fashion addicted. Today, it is a brand that focuses on capsule collections of handmade footwear, produced by Neapolitan and Sorrentino artisans with a preference for reptile prints and laminates. For the coming season, the creative focus is on stovepipe boots and limited edition Texan boots in python.

Vicino Venezia


Vicino Venezia presents the new collection of ecological fur with an innovative design: unusual color combinations, hooded sporty lines in addition to more glamorous and sensual models. All are made in Italy, after careful research of the best materials and with great attention to the craftsmanship of the processes. 

Nam Josh


Nam Josh is a super glam Indian brand. Specialized in hair accessories, ranging from velvet to satin, but always with an unmistakable style, between vintage and contemporary. Unique pieces, beautiful ideas for wearing on the head and collecting. Among the collaborations that see this brand the protagonist of the contemporary scene is that with the sophisticated retailer Anthropologie.