Circolo 1901 
Easy Classic is comfort-oriented formal wear. It’s a look that can be adapted to any occasion and yet never really needs any occasion. It’s the innovative solution for women who want a classic look without sacrificing the practical side of casual.

The latest collection from Korean designer Sung Kim is entitled "Gotica". The uniqueness of the bags lies in the exclusive print inspired by the cathedral-like decorations and the bas-reliefs of Milan's Duomo. All orchestrated by an essential and elegant design, blending impeccable craftsmanship and originality.

Harris Wharf London 
A season that extends the invitation to play around with the concept of layering and matchings. Overalls acquire elegance when matched with a classic coat. 60’s-style atmospheres welcome mannish incursions, between volume blazers and short pants, in contrast to the fluid silhouettes of dresses.

Ioanna Solea 

Is a collection of bags inspired by the English countryside, between tartan and herringbone patterns, fox furs, rose gardens and a touch of humor. A Bohemian fairytale interpreted by contrasts between glossy surfaces and dusty textures.


A full immersion in the British roots of the overcoat. Glen check, Shetland, and hacking jackets are the names that flank the original Yorkshire tweed. Must-have for her: the English Shetland overcoat, the solaro fabric parka lined in Shetland. Focus on eco-sustainability with recycled cashmere lining.

Unusual matchings for clothes that blend tailoring, underground culture and delicacy. The hallmarks of elegance and femininity reedit a concept of perfect wearability on trendy shapes.

Temellini Milano Dog-à-Porter  
The first matching collection for women and their dogs makes its debut. Made-to-measure items, with aesthetics solutions that favor freedom of movement. A collection with a simple, yet feminine, style, which makes no attempt to hide its passion for a sartorial inclination and fabrics of Anglo-Saxon origins.

Amedeo Piccione's project focuses on a ready-to-wear item that combines iconic models and a colourful and geometric soul, with an ultra-contemporary twist.