Super has always been a dynamic platform for talent scouting. The special SUPER TALENTS project, realized in collaboration with Sara Maino of Vogue Talents, promotes the most promising designers of the future.

Astrid Sarkissian_ founded in Paris by artist and designer Astrid Sarkissian, the extremely young brand of embroidered men’s accessories bearing her name is the perfect fusion of luxury fashion and art. Craftsmanship and manual skills are the signature features of her creations, designed for men attentive to the unique and timeless nature of their style for neckties, bow ties, scarves and pocket squares which embody the best French savoir-faire in the field of embroidery. Each accessory is embellished by the skill of the artisan de metier Mathieu Rouger, an embroidery artist who has worked with some of the most important names in international haute couture.
Bams_ a line of shoes made in Italy with great attention to detail and workmanship, with a contemporary, romantic and highly feminine style. At Super, Bams offers a collection that is the result of an eclectic mix of upholstery fabrics, exotic leathers, velvets with unique effects and workmanship, Indonesian silks and trimmed cottons; every Bams shoe has its own unique style.
Deeply Personal_ founded in Riga, Latvia, in 2015 by designer Elina Vanags as a line of T-shirts, Deeply Personal is now a ready-to-wear womenswear brand that takes its inspiration from northern European style and cultural heritage. Classic elements of the female wardrobe are given an ultra-contemporary twist. A minimalist mood with an ironic nod to the world of art and design, for feminine garments with a timeless style.
Hellen van Rees_ eco-friendly fabrics are at the heart of the Hellen van Rees womenswear brand. Alongside the line made entirely by hand, the label offers ready-to-wear garments that enrich the range of evergreens on offer from the brand, with new elements every season. Clothing with an avant-garde style that reinterprets traditional silhouettes as architectural forms with a nod to the world of art and fine handmade fabrics, in a contrast of innovative textures and finishes. Alongside the clothing collection, we also find accessories and jewellery, created in collaboration with the “Goudsmid Galerie Nouverture” collective, completing the fashion offer in the feminine universe.
Kim Shui_ attention to detail, use of luxury materials and tailoring workmanship. This is the signature style of the designer based in New York and Rome, Kim Shui. Founded in 2014, the womenswear brand of the same name has a strong, explosive concept of femininity, never over the top, whose strength lies in functionality and design. Between plays on colour, geometric patterns and textural contrasts, the A/W 2016 collection subverts the canons of female beauty with a focus on seductive, spontaneous eccentricity that is never contrived. Dresses, coats, trousers and blouses are embellished with Italian lace, faux fur, sequins and snakeskin which, thanks to patchwork appliqués, break the rigour of the classic tartan.
Little Shilpa_ a brand that grew from a "vintage" spirit translated into contemporary collections, Little Shilpa is an eclectic mix of multi-cultural inspirations and different artistic media. Garments and accessories made using innovative raw materials, in a play of layered forms and colour blocking, are combined with fashion films, photographs and artworks. Decadence and modernity, past and present, linear forms and architectural constructions: in the designer Shilpa's creations, seemingly contrasting elements find their common denominator.
Liselore Frowijn_ created by designer Liselore Frowijn, the brand that bears her name adds luxury tailoring details to sportswear elements and materials, in a mix of art and fashion inspirations. The designer incorporates her personal experiences and the creative energy she assimilates from art, music, culture and the different people she comes into contact with every day into her collections. Eclectic vibrations that she incorporates into fashion for highly contemporary garments, where detail that is seemingly imperfect, but has been studied with painstakingly precision, encounters unique cuts and architectural volumes.
Marit Ilison_ Estonian designer Marit Ilision has been called “the true poetess of clothing” because of her multi-disciplinary and conceptual approach to fashion. Her style is characterised by the association of prints brimming with vibrant colours and clean silhouettes with pure lines: the end point is always an intellectual, minimalist and poetic mood. With her Longing for Sleep collection – inspired by the long winters of the far North – she gained the attention of the international fashion system, using Soviet vintage wool blankets for a line of beautiful coats illuminated by Swarovski crystals.
Vahan Khachatryan_ founded in 2013 by the designer of the same name, the Armenian brand Vahan Khachatryan stands out thanks to its sophisticated creations with a boho chic allure, characterised by couture workmanship with high-quality materials. The signature style of the brand includes prints, always sophisticated and with strong references to the world of art. Since 2015, the couture line has been flanked by the ready-to-wear collection, characterised by great attention to detail and workmanship with a nod to the world of tailoring. At Super, a collection dedicated to the 100th birthday of the designer’s grandfather, a personal ode to his art that pervades each creation with shapes, colours and special patterns. Volumes are oversized, for printed neoprene coats coordinated with the accessories and shirts with architectural volumes.
Vaerso_ a new brand that just entered the Italian and International Fashion scene. It was born in the heart of Milan, with one and only goal: celebrate Fashion in an innovative and unique way, uniting Style and Design.The philosophy of VAERSO is to create noveity and originality reinterpreting fashion Classics through a contemporary approach in which function and innovation are merged together with style. VAERSO’s versatile creations make it a brand with a high appeal that addresses to equaly versatile consumers who are offered easily identifiable and desiderable productors.
Violante Nessi_ set up in 2014 by designer Violante Nessi, the brand that bears her name bases its distinctive style on a special blend of art and design, for clothes that combine couture elements with the stylist’s deep passion for painting, resulting in her using the clothes as canvases for her efforts. The brand philosophy expresses its creative voice in a highly personal, unique way, creating collections that aim to go beyond the trends of the moment. Prints and colours are mixed with elegant shapes, creating a new sense of femininity that focuses on tailoring workmanship and quality materials such as viscose crêpe, pure silk and jacquard. The silhouettes follow the contours of the body, but leave room for asymmetries in harmony with the details to be highlighted.