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Pizzas used to be just margherita or napoletana or, for the really fancy, capricciosa or ham. Nowadays lots of pizzerias are a real surprise: it used to be round – now it’s square or long; neither the ingredients used nor the flavours are the ones we have always been accustomed to. Unfortunately this plethora of imagination and creativity does not always go hand in hand with the same amount of attention paid to raw materials and preparation techniques, so much so that the pizza is often rubbery or too brittle or, even more unbearable, hard to digest. Beyond the various different schools of thought (Roman, Neapolitan, traditionalist, innovative…) and proving processes, what perhaps counts is the final quality of the product and professional seriousness of the pizza chef. The best pizzaioli in Italy will be explaining how to make real, good pizza in a debate with Gastronaut Davide Paolini.

Will be present:
Simone Padoan, I Tigli di San Bonifacio (VR)
Renato Bosco, Saporè di San Martino Buon Albergo  (VR)
Beniamino Bilali, Maestro Pizzaiolo
Paolo Pannacci, Lo Spela di Greve in Chianti (FI)
Massimo Giovannini, Apogeo di Pietrasanta (LU) 
Graziano Monogrammi, La Divina Pizza di Firenze 
Gianfranco Iervolino, Lucignolo La Bella Vita di Boscotrecase (NA)
Luigi Acciaio, Maestro Pizzaiolo
Giancarlo Casa, La Gatta mangiona di Roma
Piero Gabrieli,Molino Quaglia