The anarchic union between
pizza and cuisine

Pizzeria Santarpia

What do the Michelin-starred chef Cristiano Tomei and the master pizza maker Michele Leo have in common? Certainly the desire to amaze and experiment. Their meeting led to a very original collaboration for FuoriDiTaste, and not by chance it is called the Anarchist Dinner.

With his restaurant Imbuto in Lucca, Tomei has established himself on the Italian gastronomic scene as one of the best exponents of contemporary creative cuisine. Leo, the undisputed master of Neapolitan pizza, is the new soul of Santarpia, a new concept venue, built where the print works of the La Nazione newspaper once stood. Two personalities and two completely different worlds. But as everyone knows, opposites attract.

“Coming up with this dinner has enabled me to get to know and gain an insight into the techniques of a great chef, and to be able to apply them in my world, seeking to stimulate the palates of the customers,” reveals Michele Leo.

The menu of the evening is, in fact, the fusion between the tradition of pizza and the modernity of innovative cuisine. But until the very end, the dishes will remain a secret, which will only be revealed to the participants.

“During this event, anything can happen,” announces Cristiano Tomei. “Change is at the heart of all my choices.”


ph. Andrea Hardkore Pacini