At Gurdulù, an aperitif with “Bella”


Martini cocktails, and much more. While the green olive dives into the most classic pre-dinner drink in the collective imagination, the “Bella di Cerignola” aspires to something more. With its crisp, juicy pulp, perfect silhouette, elongated and pot-bellied, the olive harvested and processed by the Fratepietro farm on the Tavoliere delle Puglie plain is the largest in the world and its aromatic nature makes it perfect for enhancing various types of cocktails. For FuoriDiTaste, it becomes the queen of Dirty Olive: to each cocktail its own olive, an event organised together with Gurdulù, a trendy bar in the Oltrarno area. An intimate atmosphere, a retro-style aperitif to try out new combinations, without forgetting the basics.