Mixology trend: it’s grappa time!

Caffè Gilli

Gilli is the oldest café in Florence, but that doesn’t stop it being contemporary. And on the occasion of Taste it is hosting the event “Grappas and liqueurs in the cocktails of the Third Millennium”.
At a time when drinking cocktail mixes has become so successful, it is inevitable that we continue to explore all their potential. And this brings us to a spirit that is both ancient and complex at the same time: grappa. The stars of the event are the products made by the Nonino family, who have been distilling in Friuli since 1897. Cristina Nonino and bar tender Mauro Picchi will lead a masterclass in discovering some of the company’s cult products: Aperitivo Nonino®, Amaro Quintessentia®, Grappa AnticaCuvée®, Grappa Vendemmia Nonino®, Grappa Single Grapes Monovitigno®, GingerSpirit®.

At the end of the masterclass, we will discover how grappa can play a strategic role in the modern art of mixology with signature cocktails designed by Luca Picchi, head barman at Caffè Gilli. Food pairing curated by chef Paolo Nucera.