Traditional produce joins forces at IdentiTaste

Altana di Palazzo Strozzi

Garfagnana, Casentino, Chianti, Maremma, Mugello. And the list could go on. These are the Tuscan territories, but also the many faces of the food and wine identities of a region rich in tradition and quality. For two years, the story of this immense heritage of taste has been told through the series of encounters entitled “The Tuscan territories and their produce”, an idea from Anci Toscana and Accademia dei Georgofili to create links between institutions and operators and to search for common ways to work together and understand one another, protecting and promoting the local economy and tourism. This year, on the occasion of Taste, the formula is taken to the next level, surpassing the usual regional boundaries with national and international speakers, academics and institutional representatives. After greetings from the director of Anci Toscana, Simone Gheri, and the president of Accademia dei Georgofili, Massimo Vincenzini, the programme for IdentiTaste includes contributions from representatives of the FAO and the Ministry of Agricultural Policies among others, in addition to those from the regional councillor Marco Remaschi and the head of the AnciToscana project on promoting traditional produce, Vittorio Gabbanini. The mayors and administrators of all the territories involved will also be participating. Mauro Rosati, director of the Qualivita Foundation, will be coordinating the works.