All mini chefs with the Style Piccoli lab



Flour, yeast and plenty of imagination: the kids are coming to Taste 2019, and it’s going to be fun. On Saturday 9 March, at 10:30 a.m., the “Mani in pasta”[Hands in dough] workshop will offer 20 little chefs the opportunity to create their own bread and bake it like real professionals. The event is organized by Style Piccoli, the Corriere della Sera’s magazine and will be held just a few steps away from the Stazione Leopolda, inside the Buonerìa. This multifunctional space, which is very popular with Florentine families, will provide the participants with a master bread-maker who will follow all the stages of the workshop and explain the techniques and secrets of the “white art”.
And since children are voracious, in addition to being creative, there will also be a finger-licking finale: snack time with the organic products of the Probios company from Florence.
The director of Style Piccoli, Chiara Bidoli, will also be taking part in the workshop with her son Pietro.

The event is free and booking is compulsory -