Tavolette d'oro: and the winner is...

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

Creating a bar of chocolate is an art form, a question of raw material quality and an awareness when it comes to pinpointing the perfect size or the right ingredients key to providing that extra special touch. The crème de la crème in master Italian chocolatiers and their irresistible creations gathered at Taste 2019 for the Tavoletta d’Oro awards granted by the Compagnia del Cioccolato. Every year, after an attentive analysis and close to 800 tastings, this group of experts declares the top chocolate brands.
Here are the winners of this seventeenth edition.
In the milk category, the award went to Amedei for its Toscano Brown 32% milk chocolate, while in the category of milk with a high percentage of cocoa the winner was Slitti for its 45% lattenero together with Venchi for its Venezuela 47% milk chocolate. With its 73% GranCacao, Slitti won the Tavoletta d'Oro in the category of dark chocolate, while the award for gianduia went to Guido Gobino for its Maximo +39 giandujottino.
This year the final jury met up with great qualitative content and a significant number of proposals in the chocolate origin category: 10 chocolate finalists were all granted a well-deserved “Chocolates par excellence” special award, while a total of three winners were declared in the Tavoletta d’Oro Single-origins category: the striking 70% Chuao of Domori, the brand new Caño Tigre Merida Superior of Maglio and the Blanco de Cepe of Majani.
Winner in the category of aromatized chocolates was the entire line of Sabadì extra fine chocolates. Slitti with Riccosa was awarded in the category of spreadable creams while Maglio won in the category of Fruit and Coated Candied Fruit for its coated clementines. The black cherry cream of Gardini and the caramel one of Gobino won in the category of creams. Among this year’s pralines, the winner was Slitti with Passion Fruit. In the category of Modica chocolate, Sabadì was once again the winner with milk and ginger.
Completing the picture is the Tavoletta d'Oro award for young emerging chocolatiers that went to Karuna Chocolate, the Tavoletta d'Oro for international chocolate granted to Austrian producer Zotter for its 72% Labooko, and a special award, in collaboration with Cocchi, which went to Luca Picchi for his Negroni Azteco chocolate cocktail in what is the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Negroni. There was then a Tavoletta d'Oro in memory of the dearly departed Rodolfo Mazzei, former owner of Bruco.