Taste 10

The comments of our buyers

We have collected a series of comments and feedback about this edition of Taste from the buyers who came to Florence

Florence Lee, Manager GFF – Global Fine Foods, Hong Kong

“This is our first time at Taste.  We came here from Hong Kong mainly to look for typical food and wine products, family-made produce and products that are interesting because of the history behind them.  And I must say we found exactly what we were looking for!  Pitti offers a very high level in terms of the quality of the products displayed, and the organization is decidedly superior compared to other international food fairs.  The design and layout are also very good, everything has been studied right down to the smallest detail.  I think those are the things that make the difference”.


Roberto Fazzina, L’Enoteca CBG Wine Store , Madrid

“Taste is a truly complete and well organized event, and the location is very special and unique of its kind.  This, my second visit to the fair, confirmed that Taste is a high level event that manages to cleverly bring together the excellence of Italian producers.  Here you find traditional products that have something extra: reworked, enriched by experimentation, they are always innovative proposals that do not overlook quality, which is consistently of the highest standard.  The dimensions of Taste are very user-friendly, truly buyer-sized.  Plus the Rings and all the fringe events like FuoridiTaste are very interesting, they are always worth investigating.”


Livio Colapinto, Personal Food Consultant & Travel Guide - Eli Zabar, New York

“This is our first time at Taste which we discovered on our clients’ suggestion.  Our expectations were very high: we had been told that Taste is getting better at every edition, and I must say that is perfectly right. This is an exceedingly high level event that covers the panorama of the best Italian food and wine.  Even though Taste is a relatively small fair, every space here is cleverly used and organized, and the design is very trim and functional.  During the year I have had the opportunity to visit various international events devoted to food, but Taste’s exhibition format is maybe one of the few that is perfectly suited to people on both sides of the counter .  Three days here was a very intense experience!”. 


Rahel Berhe, founder, La Dolce Vita, Abu Dhabi

“In my business I am always on the lookout for niche products that stand out for their particular features and quality.  At Taste that is exactly what I found: this is the first time I have come here and I think I will definitely be returning, there is no doubt that it is one of the most interesting events on an international level.  I made lots of very valid contacts and will initiate business relations with some companies.  It is a very high level event and it would be interesting to export the format to other places, like Abu Dhabi, for example.  I am sure that it would be a great success!”.


Beatrice Ughi e Danielle Aquino, founder, Gustiamo.com, New York

“We have taken part in Taste for several editions now and it has become an unmissable event for us, a unique opportunity for people like us who offer the excellences of Italian food.  It is important for meeting the companies we work with but also for selecting new products and new producers to sell on the US market and through our delicatessen portal.  For us it is also important because in the United States we work a lot on a promotional level, we have contacts with the press and food bloggers to whom we can propose the new trends and ideas we find here at Taste”.


Edmund Chan, business development manager, Orchard Hills, Singapore

“I like Taste a lot and, at each edition, I find new products for my research into Italian excellence.  I think the Taste Shop is a fantastic tool for us international buyers.  It gives us a chance to buy samples of the products in the quantities we want.  At this edition I also had the chance to try out Fuoriditaste which was a very stimulating experience!”


Stefano Robino, Guidetti Fine Foods, UK

“Taste is always a great exhibition. Every edition, including this one, showcases a selection of the best producers: at Taste you will be sure to find the most innovative products in the pretty vaste Italian food market. This edition it was a very good chance for me to meet some of my current suppliers but also to establish new contacts with potential new suppliers. I think that the general atmosphere was quite nice and warm, the staff was very responsive to our questions and suggestions, all was perfect in terms of hospitality. I think it would be important to increase the possibility  to have a proper dedicated moment just for traders, or to find other solutions to facilitate contacts between producers and buyer. Maybe adding a whole day or a specific badge.”


Elena Lebedeva, CEO, Ginza Project Catering, Russia

“Great thanks one more time to the team of Taste, for the excellent organization of the fair, for the best selection of Italian eno-gastronomic suppliers, for the fantastic hospitality. Taste is the real Paradise for gourmets! A very friendly and business-oriented atmosphere, excellent-planned logistic. Also at this edition I had a lot of useful meetings and contacts and I hope that the trade limits between our countries will be cancelled soon and we will be ready to establish collaborations with the best partners I met at the fair.”