Vetreria Etrusca at Taste 10: the special installation

The magic of glass at Taste with the bottles of Vetreria Etrusca

Taste will also feature an explosion of creativity designed by Vetreria Etrusca.
A leader in the production of special glass containers, the company, which is based in Montelupo Fiorentino, produces a wide range of bottles and jars for the food industry - over 1000 articles divided into various capacities in the three colors: Extrabianco, Mezzobianco and Verdetrusco – and is characterized by its particular creative and design awareness as well as the great attention paid to the environmental compatibility of its products.

Vetreria Etrusca will be the protagonist of a striking installation of bottles which will welcome visitors at the entrance to the Stazione Leopolda. Plus an artistic composition of 1000 Maxi sized bottles will form an original row of lampshades illuminating the Taste Tour.
Project and layout by Alessandro Moradei.