Dino Borri, Eataly New York, USA
“TASTE is a high level fair that groups together Italian producers of excellence.  It is an event that is continuing to grow, so it was necessary to expand the location.  I know there are many companies that would like to participate as exhibitors.  The thing I appreciate most about TASTE is that it is possible to discover new and interesting products each time: niche items that would otherwise probably not get the chance to come out of Italy.  I found the supper and the panel about Peru to be very interesting, an invitation to further broaden the exchange of experiences between producers in various countries - really useful”.
Alessandra Pierini, Rap Épicerie, France
“I have been working in the field of French haute cuisine for twenty years.  This is the first time I have been to TASTE.  I decided to take part on the advice of colleagues, chef friends and producers.  It has been a truly satisfying experience.  The impression is that of entering a very high quality boutique.  TASTE is the expression of the high level of Italian cuisine that I have searched for in vain at other fairs.  Here there is food and table culture in every sense, also portrayed through the kitchen and food design objects and the books on sale”. 
Giacomo Bernardelli, Casinetto, United Arab Emirates
“TASTE is a truly complete and well-organized event.  Here I found traditional products that had that extra something: reworked, enhanced through experimentation, the proposals are always innovative, without forgoing the highest quality.  The dimensions of TASTE also make it very easy to use, it is ‘buyer-sized’.  The Ring and the Fuori di Taste fringe events are also very interesting and it is always worth investigating them.  They should be expanded in order to boost encounters between buyers and producers”.
Brandon Goh, QB Food, Singapore 
“This is my first visit to TASTE.  I mainly came here to look for typical foods and wines – cheeses, oil, truffles and chocolate – and niche products that stand out for their distinctive features and quality.  And I found exactly what I was looking for.  Pitti Immagine offers a very high level in terms of the quality of the products displayed and the organization is decidedly superior compared to other international trade fairs dedicated to food.  A lot of attention has also been paid to the layout, the design, everything has been studied right down to the last detail.  The dimensions of TASTE are also truly ‘buyer-sized’”.
Anna Kammerer, Wein & Co., Austria
“In our business we like to tell stories about the food and products we sell, and TASTE is full of stories!  Here you find the best of the best on the Italian food and wine scene.  We like to get to know the people behind the products.  During the fair we met our habitual clients and discovered many new potentials partners.  TASTE’s location is unique; it is a very sophisticated fair with exhibitions and displays linked to the world of food that are truly very interesting”. 
Tony Öhman, Chef, MondItaly, Finland

“I was very struck by the professionalism of the organization at TASTE: the stands, the accessibility of the information, the management of the services, the furnishings and the attention paid to the exhibition spaces, all had been studied to perfection.  The products I saw at TASTE were really very interesting: so typical and new to the market.  I am thinking of the specialties with truffles, the exceptional cheeses and the olive oil.  And then the packaging with which they are presented and certain elements of food design that are used to enhance them are truly special.  I also greatly enjoyed the fringe events like the panel and the supper dedicated to the typical products of Peru”.