When Pizza means organic and good! Chef Donato Crivelli introduces us its pizza restaurant in Florence

1) Tell us about your pizza restaurant. Where did the idea for SimBIOsi come from? You had perhaps the first pizza restaurant of its kind in Florence, how was such an innovation received? The idea for an organic pizza restaurant came from the desire to combine the classic pizza taste with healthy eating. Our flours are stone-milled and strictly organic, as are all our ingredients. We choose ancient wheat varieties which are easy to digest and we offer different doughs to enjoy with your favourite pizzas.

The companies which we’ve chosen aren’t large scale producers, rather they are family-run farms, to guarantee not only the authenticity of the product, but also a direct producer-consumer relationship. Soon we’re going to organize guided tours around the companies which we at SimBIOsi have chosen, so that everyone can see what’s really on their plates! Fortunately Florence is home to other companies which are involved in organic food, healthy diets and the “you are what you eat” concept: we are just that,100% organic pizza.
2) These days “organic” is a concept that we often hear mentioned, sometimes even without much knowledge of the facts, but what does it actually mean? Can we call it a real diet? An organic diet is the most natural diet you could follow. Non-organic products are the ones which should be labeled, not vice versa. People are becoming more and more aware of this, and it’s discussed more often: but we have to be careful. Not everything is truly organic, there’s still a lot of confusion regarding the topic so there’s a danger that some may get the impression organic is just another fad. It isn’t. Organic agriculture forbids the use of the pesticides, synthetic additives and GMO, which unfortunately are usually on our plates and in the long term lead to health issues and physical imbalances. There’s nothing more important than what we eat: that’s the simple truth. Making sure the product packet shows the famous organic “green leaf” and finding out about the producers is important, as is visiting the farms and touching the food we eat with our own hands. Just like we do here at SimBIOsi!
3) What is your organic cooking like then? What does a pizza in "symbiosis" with nature mean? We bring organic food to the table in the simplest way, with one of the simplest Italian dishes: the pizza. Our ingredients aren’t just organic and local, thus promoting local producers, but they also come from ethical companies that care for biodiversity. They practice seasonal cultivation but never farm intensively and take care of their animals and land. It’s wonderful to see (and to taste) the fruits of the search for such harmony. All of this goes into our pizzas, we look for a balance between health and taste and we have a lot of fun doing it!
4) You must have so many recipes to suggest… but if I asked you to think of a colour at the table, which organic pizza recipe would that colour inspire you to describe? If we take the pizza, the first colour that comes to mind is red, tomato red, classic and traditional red. So we won’t venture overseas, but instead we’ll describe the simple and wonderful Margherita pizza, which is named after a queen for a reason. To go beyond the classic recipe, we can use our imagination… fresh tomato or chopped cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella and a dash of Tuscan olive oil: that’s how we can transform a simple dish into Queen Margherita, all really easy to prepare and even easier… to enjoy!