Essent-ial’s minimal touch

Essent-ial, a brand new company that turns cellulose fibre into beautiful, useful, sustainable items, is one of the stars of Taste 2019. Its iconic white paper bags with their ecru turned-down tops become part and parcel of the scene set by Alessandro Moradei inside the Teatro dell’Opera, venue for the Panificio Taste, the on-site bakery. Arranged on the classic self-service trolleys and filled with flour, they evoke the mood of a contemporary, elegant bakery lab.
Essent-ial continues to be featured also inside the Leopolda, in the Tools area, where a new food collection is previewed. “Trasparent”: bags large and small, runners and napkins in glossy, clear pvc, perfect for a minimalist metropolitan kitchen and constantly embracing the concept of design for all. You could say, what is essential is visible to the eye.