New products, new curios, new stories. Taste is a rich and exciting panorama enriched with different nuances at every edition. A tasty journey through the diversity of flavors along the peninsula in order to discover its traditions and innovations: here are some more new entries for this edition, companies of excellence that are attending the fair for the very first time.

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An organic and biodynamic company from the province of Gorizia, 4 Principia Rerum was the first farm in Italy to introduce the cultivation of Aronia Melanocarpa or black chokeberry, a plant with important   medicinal properties.  Native to North America and the Siberian moors, Aronia Melanocarpa is a shrub that produces berries which are very rich in polyphenols, minerals (including iron) and vitamins.  Due to its extraordinary antioxidant, anti free radicals and antibacterial powers, black chokeberry is particularly suitable for children, older people and sports enthusiasts as it strengthens the immune defenses and reverses the degenerative processes deriving from pollution, psycho-physical stress, alcohol, medicines and smoking.


In the extreme north east of Italy, just a stone’s throw away from Cividale del Friuli, the vines of Altùris enjoy a truly unique microclimate. The Julian Alps offer shelter from the cold northern winds whilst the Adriatic breezes soften and mitigate the climate giving the vineyards excellent conditions for producing great quality wines. Grovis is a Charmat method sparkling wine obtained from pure Ribolla Gialla: fermented off skins at a controlled temperature with soft pressing of the grapes, it is fermented again in autoclaves for 90 days with periodic riddling. The Altùris Prosecco is aged “sur lies” for around 50 days. A wine with great depth that is distinguished by its creamy and velvety perlage.


From Bologna an artisan mortadella that stands out from all the industrial versions because it is produced using Italian pork, with no additives, emulsion or ice; the addition of nitrate salt is less than a tenth of the amount permitted by law. The aromatic base: White pepper, Black pepper grains, nutmeg, mace, sea salt, fresh garlic, no synthetic ingredients or flour. It is cooked in an induction oven for a minimum of 24 hours until it reaches a temperature of 72 °C at the core.


For over 30 years, in the heart of the city of Padova, the Marcolin family has been handing down the typical products of Italian tradition alongside specialties from the Veneto region in its kitchen and store. Famous for its vast assortment of cheeses and precious cured pork meats it is best known for the feather in its cap: the “baccalà” or salted cod imported from the Lofoten islands, available all year round in many varieties: cream, salad, alla vicentina-Vicenza style, fried or dry, salted and soaked. Plus the Baccalà al pepperoncino with chilli pepper, Baccalà alle olive with olives and Baccalà al tartufo with truffle all presented in convenient 90 and 500 gr packs.


Goats have long been “at home” in Alto Adige. With Capriz they make a full return to the region bringing with them extraordinary culinary delights. Capriz is much more than a high altitude artisan cheese, it is a world that is a clever combination of dairy, museum of cheese, shop and bistro. The protagonist is soft goat’s or cow’s milk cheese: Caprizino, Ziegello, as well as GINepro, a soft cheese aromatized with juniper, matured for 4 weeks, refined with Blu Gin; plus Hofers Alptraum, a soft cheese with a crust that is refined with cognac and rye bread, matured for 4 weeks.


Casa Madaio was born as a result of tradition and a love for the cheeses of Campania. For four generations this dairy in Campania has handed down the techniques of refining and producing cheeses from father to son. The freshly drawn milk is transformed into cheese at altitude then transferred to the workshop in Eboli on the same day. Here the goat and buffalo milk is processed and used to create the superb bufala mozzarella and the other cheeses of Eboli. The cheeses which need to be ripened for a longer period are taken to Castelcivita where they mature and acquire greater value in terms of the taste and aroma.


The original Packaging of the Armed Forces and an exclusive historical recipe formulated with the partner - Istituto Chimico Farmaceutico MilitaretheMilitary Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute: the army chocolate of which many Italians carry sweet memories linked to their childhood or military service has arrived on the market, thanks to the Fonderia del Cacao, an all-Tuscan company well-known for its gourmet organic products. Quality and energy, Cioccolato Militare is 70% dark chocolate and wrapped in the historic Armed Forces packaging in various formats: 50 g, 100 g or 200 g.


Products that bring the traditional flavors of Carnia and Friuli to the table. Prepared with genuine and selected ingredients they express a cuisine that is capable of using even the simplest foods with great skill. The protagonist is the Frico realized by the Cucina di Carnia kitchen workshop, a classic little pie made using potatoes and cheeses from Carnia. Thanks to the careful selection of high quality cheeses, the Frico offers a unique taste and lightness, and during cooking the dish produces no excess fat.


This totally organic farm covers an area of around 300 hectares most of which is olive-grove (20,000 olive trees on 110 hectares). The frantoio and moraiolo quality olives are gathered exclusively by hand during the months of November and December and are pressed in the farm’s oil mill within a few hours of picking in order to avoid using fruits that have exceeded the correct ripening limit. The exceptional product obtained from this process is Laudemio, an extra virgin olive oil with a distinct personality and a fresh, fruity perfume.


The cultivation of the black fig, locally known as “figomoro“ has been widespread in the municipality of Caneva, in Friuli, for a very long time as amply demonstrated by testimony from the XIV century and the times of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. The value of this fruit is historically recognized to the extent that it constituted an important foodstuff because of its energetic and medical properties. Today the Consorzio per la tutela e la valorizzazione del FigoMoro da Caneva-Consortium for the protection and valorization of the FigoMoro from Caneva offers a series of special products: from the FigoMoro Mustard or chilli pepper sauce to the extra preserve, to whole figs that are caramelized or accompanied by nuts.


The Gubana is a typical cake from Friuli which originates from the Natisone Valleys. Once upon a time it was all made by sight or, at the most, using a small saucepan or glass for measuring, so coding the recipe required some doing and undoing, trying and trying again. This is how Valeria managed to recover many original recipes handed down from mother to daughter. She has kept a tradition alive and possibly for this reason, even today, on the occasion of a wedding or a special anniversary, she is asked to make a big 7 Kg Gubana for everyone. More than a cake it is a piece of history.


Nine compotes, three sugars, two powders and a herbal tea. Created in 2011 on the slopes of the Faggeta on the Monti Cimini, this Farm is specialized in the cultivation and processing of raspberries. The compotes, with a low sugar content, are the feather in the cap of the production. The pure raspberries or combined with distinctive variations like Bergamot, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Lavender, Lemon, Ginger, Vanilla and Chilli pepper are extremely popular for their genuineness and exceptional flavor.


Since the 18th century in Zuglio (Udine), the Molinari family has devoted itself to rearing pigs and the attentive artisanal production of the most delicious cured meats. All the components of the But valley have always worked very hard from one day to the next. The Salami, the top product, features a lean mixture of highly selected meats; then there is the unsmoked Salamut, the Soppressa, soft and with a gentle perfume, the fresh or smoked Salsiccia [sausage], the Cotechino, the Palmones and the Marcundele, Slow Food products. Traditional salamis and sausages, finely minced with low salt, to be cooked before eating.


William Di Carlo has been “coating nature” since 1833.  Today, just like then, the best master craftsmen follow the ancient family recipes whilst also creating new ones.  From the chocolate-based specialties for fall/winter to the Fiori Classici-Classic Flowers, chocolate dragées dressed in silk and satin in the form of a bouquet.  This tradition originated with the enclosed order of nuns living in the monastery of Santa Chiara who, in the XV century, dressed the dragées in silk to make them into rosaries.  Then there are the sugared dragées: from the rose, violet, lemon, strawberry and mint jelly beans to combinations of almonds coated with white chocolate.



“Cutting culture” becomes cool.  From an old knife factory objects that have passed from butcher’s shops to design boutiques.  Lamami is a collection of books made using recycled paper inside which it is possible to find various combinations of knives and objects dedicated to tasting.  The appeal of the packaging, the quality of the blades, the fun of collecting them and the pleasure of sharing them make Lamami real must haves.  The all-new "ITAGLIAMI" line: Italian knives for Italian foods.


Essent’ial is a concept, a lifestyle. Simple, essential shapes for objects made using recycled and certified raw materials. Based on a deep respect for the environment, the region and our culture. The objective is to design objects to be used every day. Paper that is shapeless in appearance, but in reality is a resistant product that is washable and beautiful. From paper bags in all their variations to place mats and aprons, all filtered with an eco-chic and eco design touch.


For its collection Infinito chooses combinations of modern materials like Krion® Solid Surface and the warmth and classicality of Wood.  Krion® Solid Surface acrylic stone is a modern and ecological material that consists of two thirds rock mineral and one third methyl methacrylate: pore free, it has antibacterial properties without using any type of additive and is robust, resistant, durable, low maintenance and easy to repair and clean.