Pitti Discovery presents


Order and Disorder. The first big Fashion Exhibition

Stazione Leopolda

The exhibition's venue is the Stazione Leopolda, a place of contemporary culture in the city of Florence. The exhibition area, designed by the Gruppo A12 will showcase the various declinations of the Uniform: fashion, art, cinema, photo-journalism and pop culture in parallel and tangent spaces. On the one hand the arrangement presents the mental structure of the project, on the other it creates an explosion of the meanings of each piece and item.

The curators use and transform the most diverse materials through a procedure of cultural cannibalism: from textiles to advertising, from icon clothing to the symbolic images, from uniforms to records, from comics to films that document cultural transformations and the use of the uniform from an instrument of order to a symbol of transgression. Using the uniform, the exhibit traces the incredible path of a system as complex as fashion from the immediate post-war period to today through some of its most emblematic actors. At the same time, it features the protagonists of contemporary research who used the idea of the uniform as the vehicle for launching the debate on the language of social and esthetic symbols.

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