Pitti Discovery presents

Matthew Barney

Cremaster - the project of a young talent of contemporary art

Teatro Goldoni

CREMASTER 3, is episode three of the five-part Cremaster (the title refers to the word for the muscle that supports the testicles) created by the American artist, Matthew Barney. By deliberately avoiding strict chronological order Mr. Barney has directed CREMASTER 4 (1994), CREMASTER 1 (1995), CREMASTER 5 (1997), CREMASTER 2 (1999) and finally CREMASTER 3 (2002).
The CREMASTER saga starts with the human reproductive system and metamorphically describes the evolution of form through biological, psychosexual and morphological allusions. Using a complex system of symbols Mr. Barney explores the new, contemporary mythologies and the ongoing evolution of the body that grows through strenuous competition with itself.

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