Firenze. Fashion Atlas

A unique presentation of the history and geography of fashion

Salone dei Cinquecento di Palazzo Vecchio

Firenze. Fashion Atlas, as the title suggests, is an atlas dedicated to Firenze Hometown of Fashion, a Centro di Firenze per la Moda and Pitti Immagine project edited by Maria Luisa Frisa. In a concise dialogue between past and present, the itinerary traces the fundamental role of Florence in the history of fashion over the past sixty years.
Inside Firenze. Fashion Atlas” says Maria Luisa Frisa, “events, places and people of fashion are connected in a vital, throbbing constellation of today. With a militant and not celebratory spirit, this book reveals how Florence is the only city in Italy that is capable of reactivating its geography and its history year after year thanks to the effects of fashion. And, it is not only the fashion that lives and works here, but the fashion that comes to the Pitti Immagine events from all over the world, reading and reinterpreting the places and creating new itineraries”. 
A series of maps, arranged by place type – villas and gardens, industrial buildings and art galleries, libraries and stores, piazzas and theaters – enliven the history and the chronicles that are always part of fashion in Florence. And, through the unusual and elegant iconography, they will tell how each place, from the palazzo to the disco, from the museum to the industrial building has welcomed and exalted the myriad aspects of fashion year after year – an itinerary that is unequalled anywhere in the world.
The book opens with a greeting from Stefano Ricci, president of CFMI, followed by Maria Luisa Frisa’s essay on Firenze Hometown of Fashion and a history of the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana by Eva Desiderio. 
The series of maps is punctuated by essays on various topics: from the Sala Bianca to today’s designers, from the relationship between the classic and the avant-garde to the fashion business and independent realities. 
The authors include:
Giusi Ferrè, Stefano Tonchi, Cesare Peruzzi, Bruno Casini, Roberta Orsi Landini, Simone Sbarbati, Angelo Flaccavento.
In the middle of the book, an iconographic atlas presents a series of fashion images from the past 60 years with Florence as the background. The book concludes with an index of names and places and an annotated bibliography.
Firenze. Fashion Atlas will be presented on Tuesday, 17 June in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, concomitantly with the official openings of FIRENZE HOMETOWN OF FASHION and Pitti Immagine Uomo 86.