Siviglia Icons

Palazzo Ricasoli

Menswear becomes a work of contemporary art.
The diary date is 13 June, in the splendid setting of Palazzo Ricasoli, for the Siviglia Icons project, the installation curated by the Siviglia brand dedicated to three great menswear garments: the 5-pocket, luxury denim and tailored chino pants. The brand’s aesthetic universe is totally involved, with focus on its core product and all its internationally recognised strong points.
Siviglia trousers stand out for their balanced style, casual elegance and comfortable attitude; a mix of three must-have technical characteristics in the creative and production process that make them the unique interpretation of the classic concept of made in Italy. Perfect fit, contemporary tailoring attitude and continual study of the best performing, finest fabrics make every pair of Siviglia trousers an exclusive product and an increasingly stronger interest magnet for men with very different lifestyles.