Diadora celebrates 70 years

Stazione Leopolda

The famous sport & lifestyle brand pays tribute to its first 70 years with an exhibition project characterized by contemporary art: It Plays Something ElseCurated by Davide Giannella, the exhibition celebrates the brand through the production of a series of works of art developed around the concept of speed as an element common to each of the sports in which the company has played a starring role over the last seventy years thanks to its forward-looking stylistic and technological approach, the ‘made in Italy’ manufacture and product care. The exhibition will involve a series of artists who are capable of interpreting various expressive languages such as design, photography, moving images and sculpture. The names involved are: Ducati Monroe (Diego Perrone and Andrea Sala), Maisie Cousins, Gabber Eleganza, Invernomuto and Patrick Tuttofuoco. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Tuesday 8 January and on the following two days it will remain open to the public as a tribute to the city of Florence.