Puro: Let's get to know the finalists of Who Is On Next? Uomo

Your first coup de foudre with fashion.
I was born in Turin, a city that I’ve always admired for its elegance. My mother was a seamstress and since childhood I was always surrounded by fabrics and patterns. One day she showed me a book called ‘Il Grande Sarto (The Great Tailor),’ an ancient leather-bound volume, a kind of bible of men's tailoring, and I thought it was the most staggeringly wonderful thing. I remember being very small and walking through the streets of downtown when for the first time I came upon the historic fabric shop in Via Roma, Galtrucco: the windows were filled exclusively with mannequins covered in the most precious fabrics. I felt a strong sense of admiration for those who create art on the body, for all tailors, for those who create fabrics, for my mother. It is the most intimate art, the one that is most in contact with the skin out of all of them. And I decided to become one of them.
A phrase-quote-song to describe your style.
Remember that a line can not exist by itself. It always requires a companion. Never forget that a line does not express anything: it is only in relationship to another that volume is created. And the two must be drawn together (Henri Matisse).
What is truly innovative today?
Innovation means looking to the future knowing that the roots are there. Only in this way, in my opinion, can the result of innovation be nourished by the lifeblood that is the Essence. Spirituality, the mind, the body, technology, must grow hand in hand to build the evolution of innovation: I'm working on a sort of ‘Spiritual Technology of the garment’ where nature, technology, tailoring and soul coexist.
A designer, artistic movement, or person who particularly influenced you, and why?
Until a couple of years ago black was part of my life. Then I opened my eyes to colour and found within me an infinite range of shades I didn’t know existed. I am very passionate about painters like Titian, Goya, Matisse, and Monet. ‘Colour is a medium that allows you to exercise a direct influence upon the soul. Colour is the key, the eye, the hammer, the soul is the piano with many strings,’ as Wassily Kandinsky said. I don’t think there is something that can really influence us. It’s the soul that opens to something particular that, from that moment, we manage to perceive. The walls of my house are honoured by the works of a contemporary artist who uses colour that is so pure and free, his paintings are a careful explosion of colour that creates the shape. I'm talking about Demian, my life partner.