Afar, the Ethiopia produced brand, launches at Pitti Uomo its Tool bag

AFAR is an African collection of bags in twisted canvas dyed with pigments extracted from the earth—or with the earth—and zebu skin. The skin of the zebu—the world’s oldest bovine—bears the signs and imperfections inflicted by life in the great outdoors, but it is more robust and has higher fibre density than other skins, with the most beautiful grain, and it improves with age. The AFAR collection is produced in Ethiopia, in the heart of East Africa and it bears the indelible signs of its homeland.

The new product launched at Pitti Uomo is the Tool bag, for those wanting to travel fully equipped. Buckles and rings in titanium, wood and carbon composite frames, twisted cotton canvas dyed with earth, vegetable-tanned zebu skin and three relative tool bags.