You can call them Makers. The craftsmen of the future on show at Pitti Uomo 90

There is a world in which slowness of creation and speed of thought can coincide. Where being young and inextricably linked to the legacy of tradition does not appear to be a contradiction. This is what generation 2.0 of craftsmen is all about, capable of reinterpreting a manufacturing heritage with an eye to the future and to evolutions in taste and technology. Focusing on this trend as one of the keystones in today’s market, Pitti Immagine Uomo continues to back MAKE, the section dedicated to the creative reworking of traditions. On show, over 45 brands from around the world, with their sophisticated, limited edition pieces, always handmade with painstaking attention to detail. And all with a story to tell. 

New products for new requirements. That is the sophisticated range from E-A-M, the Norwegian accessory brand: minimal allure and ultra-smooth leathers, geometric shapes and an essential palette: from travel wallets to laptop sleeves, from tote bags to glasses cases. All with a nod to iconic design pieces. On the outside, soft calfskin and a distinctive business stamp. Inside, the geometric passion takes its inspiration from the most famous Byzantine mosaics, on a journey through ancient Constantinople, Venice and Ravenna. Trolley cases, briefcases, iPad holders and messenger bags all feature patterned linings by Mark/Giusti, a London-based brand founded by Mark Farhat, but production takes place entirely in Italy. Craftsmanship goes hand in hand with eco-sustainability, on the other hand, at EDMOS, a project that came about thanks to the intuition of Umbrian designer Filippo Fanini, whose family has spent over 30 years producing leather garments for some of the best international brands. The re-use of leather offcuts from the production phase results in a mosaic of pieces assembled in a new leather on exceptional outerwear. And there’s more, the emerging label Sastreria 91 develops its own personal interpretation of Spanish tailoring heritage.

The beauty of tailoring and the extreme care taken during processing are channelled into the range of bow ties with appliqué feathers. The cult piece, the summer cloak. From England, “Tools for Living Beautifully” is the aesthetic ideal that inspired Yashka Moore, an award-winning designer, to come up with a collection of hats and accessories that combine style and fine quality materials. The hand-painted pure silk turban, launched for SS17, takes its inspiration from those worn by Sikhs, symbolising power and wisdom. 

On the feet, the focus is on authenticity, in a perfect combination of studied volumes, handmade details and sophisticated textures: Project TWLV is a collection based on men’s shoes, more precisely on boots, the result of an encounter between Henrik and Antonio, friends with years of industry experience behind them. 12 styles available in various colours and materials create a collection where expert Italian craftsmanship meets a passion for Scandinavian design. 
Along the same lines, we find brands making their debut at Pitti Uomo in other sections, with a classically elegant product, which aims to enhance and recover Italian craftsmanship in its values. The brainchild of Lorenzo Fusina and Bruno Riffeser Monti, Fanga draws on the purest tradition of Bologna: its original name derives, in fact, from the city’s dialect and means shoe. Fanga footwear is the result of fine Italian craftsmanship that respects the actions, processes and rhythms of the past. Each shoe is entirely hand-sewn and, before reaching its owner, it spends a month in the nurturing hands of expert master craftsmen. Youth is no longer synonymous with impatience when style has something to do with it.