Hirofumi Kurino, Senior advisor for creative direction, United Arrows, Tokyo:
“Many people and a very high standard of events: that is what I would say about this edition of Pitti Uomo. The great creativity is also fully expressed in the choice of the Guest Designers: Raf Simons, a genuine creative who has always taken inspiration from art; Visvim, designers oriented to tailoring; Gosha Rubchinskiy, a protagonist of streetwear; and Luciano Vanotti, whose volumes recall Japan. You see, with this selection you can get a breath of the all-encompassing inspirational levels that a fair such as Pitti Uomo succeeds in offering. Each section of the fair has and projects a distinct identity. Excellent organization. The show is spectacular and I am not exaggerating if I say that this is the only fair that improves and renews itself at each edition. Obviously, there must be some good motives if I have been participating for 26 years.”
Beppe Angiolini, owner, Boutique Sugar:
“A great edition of Pitti Uomo! I sensed a beautiful energy and all of the many organized events gave a strong signal of modernity. Not only for classic wear, the core of our fashion system, very well represented by its Made in Italy denizens, but above all for the great creativity and the message to look further (or deeper) that the fair succeeded in expressing perfectly. Marvelous, the show by Gosha Rubchinskiy and so was the Cartier event. There were so many appointments on the calendar and all of such superb quality that it was almost impossible to follow them all! Pitti Uomo confirmed that it is the most important appointment in the world.”
Chris Gibbs, owner, Union Los Angeles:
“Pitti Uomo is one of the appointments not to be missed in the world of fashion. I love the city of Florence, the atmosphere of the fair, the outfits of its customers and the slew of events organized for every edition! Ours is an independent boutique and I was looking for new brands outside of the usual commercial circuits. I found many interesting proposals in the Touch! and Futuro Maschile sections. Those are the ones that are best adapted to the target of our shop. And, of course, the Central Pavilion, where the suit collections are really remarkable.”
Adam Kelly, Buying and Merchandise Director, Fenwick of Bond Street, London:
“Pitti Uomo is an important show and the atmosphere gets better at each edition. The Central Pavilion unites the best Italian and English brand collections and that’s a great opportunity to see them all together at one time. The fair is also an important occasion to cultivate relations with the brands we usually sell in our boutiques. Here, we can see for ourselves what image they project and the reactions they stimulate on the international market. The trends are changing. Customers understand and pay more attention to the work behind the scenes for a garment and a collection. They appreciate the tailoring, the attention to and the perfection of details. I was looking mostly for casual wear and footwear for the next season and, as usual, I found interesting new proposals, particularly in the Touch! and Futuro Maschile sections. The names chosen as Guest Designers represent a really interesting mix and the organized events were incredible. I am really enthusiastic!”
Seunghyuk Kang, owner of Worksout, Seoul:
“This is the first time I’ve participated in this fair and I was really very impressed! By now, I know the shows of Paris, New York and Los Angeles very well, but Pitti Uomo is far and away the most complete. Our store has a very young target where we mix the most creative collections with others that are more basic but always distinguished by great timeliness and sensitivity . I was looking for new names, something out of the ordinary and I was satisfied, above all, by the Touch! and Futuro Maschile proposals.”
Hakan Temür, General Manager, The Listener, Frankfürt:

“Pitti Uomo is the first fair on the fashion calendar and it is a fundamental appointment to understand market trends, see how the brands are moving and to exchange opinions with other specialists of the sector. I always come with ten of my team, I want them all to breathe the atmosphere of the fair and to have the opportunity to absorb the many stimulations and inspirations that we find here. For me, the human aspect is very important. Knowing the people you work with from the other end of the world, exchanging ideas, is an aspect of our work that is often underestimated. However, it is actually fundamental to keep up to date and to develop new ideas. With regard to the collections, I found several interesting new brands and many unusual combinations of colors and fabrics, especially in the Touch! and Futuro Maschile sections.”