KARL LAGERFELD receives the GOLD FLORIN from Mayor Dario Nardella during a private ceremony in Palazzo Vecchio

Earlier today, the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella presented Karl Lagerfeld with the Gold Florin, the city’s highest honor,  a symbol of esteem awarded to those, honored guests, who have contributed to the city’s image or have earned international recognition for their achievements. 

Mr. Lagerfeld’s closest assistants, Eric Pfrunder and Gerhard Steidl, who curated the exhibition KARL LAGERFELD – Visions of Fashion that opened in Palazzo Pitti on 14 June, along with Andrea Cavicchi, president of the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana; Gaetano Marzotto, president of Pitti Immagine; and Eike Schmidt, director of the Gallerie degli Uffizi  were at the ceremony.
During the event, Mayor Nardella spoke with Mr. Lagerfeld about the beautiful frescoes, by Giorgio Vasari and Giovanni Stradano, in the Room of Clement VII – one of the loveliest in Palazzo Vecchio , and which has been serving as the mayor’s office since 1871. 
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the mayor and the director of the Gallerie degli Uffizi accompanied him to Palazzo Pitti for a private viewing of his exhibition KARL LAGERFELD – Visions of Fashion, an overview of his most significant fashion images and of his entire photographic career.

The Gold Florin goes to Karl Lagerfeld: the Motivation 
Karl Lagerfeld is a free and rational spirit who never stops questioning the world, or himself for that matter. He is an extraordinary, eclectic talent that fashion shares with many other cultural and artistic disciplines: stylist, photographer, publisher, designer, illustrator, director, set and costume designer. His unmistakable style developed in the heart of Europe, between Germany where he was born, France and Italy; it is a style that is in perfect harmony with his essence of an educated, cosmopolitan and multilingual man. Karl Lagerfeld’s fashions – meticulous and experimental, open to gender cross-pollinations, with painstaking attention to every detail – have opened new and promising horizons for the prestigious fashion houses which he continues to work with after decades of successes. Italy – with Florence and Tuscany – has long been an importance reference point for his creations because of its craft firms, its high-quality manufacturing traditions and its great artistic institutions. Florence, the “birthplace” of Made in Italy fashions, and now one of the world’s fashion capitals, is awarding Karl Lagerfeld its highest honor and would like him to consider it his home – for elective affinities. And indeed he does: it is no accident that he is presenting a major exhibition of fashion photographs in one of the museums that is emblematic of both the city and of the history of art, to show the world his ability to portray the simple complexities of human nature.