Works by Tobia Ravà at the Fortezza celebrate numbers and the theme of this edition

The artist’s literal and mathematical logic interprets the symbolic and aesthetic value of the universe of numbers.

Numbers are not just an indicator of quantity, they are also elements filled with symbolic value and aesthetics. This reflection provides the inspiration for Pitti Lucky Numbers, the guiding theme for the Pitti Immagine summer shows. Numbers are part of every aspect of our lives; they surround us both explicitly and intimately. This is exactly what inspired the set-design of the entire Fortezza da Basso, spectacularly populated by numbers. 

At each season we commission one or more artists to interpret the guiding theme, displaying their works inside the Press Room at the Fortezza. In June artist Tobia Ravà will be creating interesting dialogue with Pitti Lucky Numbers through his works, featuring symbolic use of letters and numbers. A scientific approach to the universe of numbers, where mystic and mysterious become a platonic search for wisdom and human reasoning. 
After experimenting many creative paths relative to the relationship between art and science, since 1998, this artist has in fact researched the mystic currents of Hebraism, suggesting a new symbolic approach through the infinite possible combinations of numbers.
The literal and mathematical logic underlying Ravà's works is intended as a genetic code and embraces both philosophical and linguistic elements. These go to build a sort of pictorial magma, made up of letters and numbers that crystallise on the “wide angle” surface of views of canals and woods.

Tobia Ravà

Tobia Ravà (Padua, 1959), works in Venice and Mirano. He studied at the International School of Graphics in Venice and Urbino. He graduated in Semiology of the Arts from Bologna University, having studied under Umberto Eco, Renato Barilli, Omar Calabrese and Flavio Caroli. He started painting in 1971, has shown in solo and collective exhibitions around the world since 1977 and his works are also included in private and public collections. He was one of the founding partners of Concerto d’Arte Contemporanea, a cultural association that brings together artists sharing the same affinities for the requalification of mankind, putting man in harmony with the environment and making contemporary art aware of its relationships with history and the history of art. Its exhibitions also interact with parks, stately homes, historic buildings and piazzas in cities of art. In 2010, one of his works was donated to Pope Benedict XVI by the chief rabbi of the Hebrew Community in Rome and a short film dedicated to his work was released by Sirio Luginbül entitled “Elena in PaRDeS”. In 2011, he was invited to show at the Italian Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale.