Ced Pakusevskij tells us about the new Pitti Uomo digital art project

The digital art project accompanying the advertising campaign for the summer shows is interpreted using a motion design technique. The result of Pitti Immagine’s partnership with talented video makers, it interprets the theme Pitti Lucky Numbers, celebrating the aesthetics of numbers through footage with special effects and cinematographic technology that emphasises the beauty of technology and digital art.

We asked director Ced Pakusevskij to explain the techniques used for this digital art project.

How did you start out when coming up with the concept?
The starting point was the simulation of a temporal scroll where the fragmented sensations were represented in video format with graphics that gave a structure to the big picture of the countdown. 

What kind of style did you want to give to the project?
Glitch videos are used like they used to be. The inspiration also came from the works of graphic designer David Carson, who used print fragments to compose a living dynamic and break the mould. In this way, communication with the viewer becomes more spontaneous. The sequence of images related to numbers, following one after the other as quickly as a wave, brings us to the finale without realising the flow of time, a metaphor, for better or for worse, of contemporary communication. There are so many images running in the same feed that they are difficult to perceive individually, but leave us free to select those most similar to our style.
Ced Pakusevskij is a visual artist and creative director of FullScream Studio specialised in visual communications for cinema, music and fashion. Before founding FullScream, Ced worked as a freelance motion designer in Los Angeles, as an Art Director for MTV International in Milan and at SKY, and has won more than 30 Promax World Gold Awards for Best Design and Art Direction.