The first time of Yoshio Kubo at Pitti

A multi-faceted and interesting path the one of Japanese designer Yoshio Kubo, a degree at the Philadelphia University School of Textile and Science in 2000, then his period as an assistant to Robert Danes, who is fashion designer linked to the world of couture. Then the return to his native country and the birth of his "yoshiokubo" brand, first presented at the Fashion Week in Tokyo in september 2008. It is not the first time that Kubo presents his collection in Italy, already in January 2017, thanks to the support of Giorgio Armani and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the brand had been included in the official men's fashion calendar in Milan. Now his arrival at Pitti and at the eve of the fashion show in Florence at the famous Stazione Leopolda of "yoshiokubo" we interviewed the designer.

Can you give us a preview of what we will see in Florence?

I always try to design outfits which people have never seen before. At Pitti Immagine Uomo, I would like to show my own atmosphere through my own designs.
What do you think about Pitti and why the decision to present the clothing line in Florence?
Pitti Immagine Uomo has a long history as market for menswear. It is a very important place for designers to show their work. I always enjoy showing my collection to many people around the world and I think PITTI will give me a unique chance to do that.
Which do you think are the main features that gave the line its success during the years?
I always try to design and incorporate new details on the clothing. I think clothing needs to be very unique.
Which is your reference target, which is the man who buys your clothing line? 
A man that looks for comfort and functionality of garments and fabrics, but also wants to express his sophistication through a subtle combination of simple design, unique prints, hints of bold colours and ethnic inspirations.
Where Do in general the inspirations for your work come from?
I mix many inspirations when looking for new ideas for my work, but with no doubt, a huge inspiration comes from the beautiful cities of Tokyo and New York, where I have been living all my life. and their unique street fashion cultures. I am also very inspired by the native cultures of America, their prints and fabrics.
You have worked in the US. How much your line is influenced by those years and that kind of aesthetic and in which details can we see your japanese roots?
I like American street culture like snowboard,skateboad and surfing, which represent strong references for my line. Both American and Japanese street cultures have a big influence on my design and graphic.
Have you ever been to Florence? Do you have a special memory about being here and about Pitti?
Yes, I was in Florence 20 years ago. I was impressed by the townscape, which, I remember, was very beautiful.