SEA come mare. EASE come liberare, liberarsi

From an idea by Franco and Giacomo Loro Piana, a menswear label for those who just can’t do without their passion, for those who want to feel just as at ease in nature as they are in the city, but above all know that an adventure always starts with a few clothes in a bag. The launch of SEASE | SEA come mare, EASE come liberare, (with SEA standing for just what it says and EASE in the sense of freedom and freeing), will take place at this Pitti Uomo in the Polveriera, which becomes the Base Camp and expression of a series of clothing that manages to team tradition, innovation and sustainability. SEASE applies a sustainable protocol in terms of materials, supply chain and use of resources, the values of which are summarised in SUNRISE, a tribute to Solaro, the icon fabric of the twentieth century. The central islands present the SEASE kits: high-performance garments for slick urban-to- sportswear moves, from metropolitan life to the sports that are the best synonyms of freedom, such as sailing or skiing. The side windows tell the story of the SEASE cornerstones in terms of product, process and raw materials.
Artistic project by Andrea Galvani, photos by Massimo Rumi and Carlo Borlenghi.