Pitti Immagine Special Items

Three special collaborations for this edition of the Pitti Immagine trade show, exploring research in design, functionality and style, for a series of special customized items inspired by THE PITTI BOX theme. Starting with Ecoalf, a pioneering company in the sustainable fashion world, which created a collection of post- industrial recycled nylon bags, with the brand's claim #BecausetherisnoplanetB. Then Thule, a brand founded in 1942 under the motto Bring your life and with its products designed for active people, that created for Pitti Immagine Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Mini, a compact travel case for organizing cables and accessories. And again a special series of 24Bottles®, a collection of beautiful stainless steel bottles, resistant, light, colored and infinitely reusable, to reduce the environmental footprint of those who use them.