Pitti Immagine Uomo 95


International fashion expresses the very best it has to offer at the Fortezza da Basso: research, great quality and energy among the stands, all enthusiastically appreciated by the best international buyers. The foreign figures were confirmed – Germany once again led the ranking and there was growth from Switzerland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Canada, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan – although there was a drop in attendance from Italy (- 8%). This edition recorded a total of 23,800 buyers and around 36,000 visitors.

The 95th edition of Pitti Uomo came to an end in a widespread and tangible warm atmosphere among the exhibitors’ stands at the Fortezza da Basso, experienced throughout the days of the fair which raised the rather cold temperatures to be found outside.
The final attendance figures show that the foreign contingent confirmed the levels achieved a year ago with more than 9,100 international buyers, whereas the number of Italian buyers recorded a drop of 8%.
The total number of buyers reached 23,800, with an overall number of around 36,000 visitors.

“Over these four days I have moved extensively around the pavilions and halls of the Fortezza da Basso” says Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, “and have to profess my admiration for the extraordinary work being carried out by the exhibitors.  An admiration I share with the top international buyers – all the most important top players who have been joined by new colleagues from other markets and from the online retail sector. It is as though the whole fashion chain dealing in menswear and beyond, from concept to design, from production right up to the presentation of the collections, has focused on the objective of rising to meet the increasingly difficult challenges ahead.  We, the organizers know it, the exhibitors know it and the storekeepers who understand the sentiments of their clients know it as well: for months we have been reading about growth estimates, trading figures, final consumption data for Italy, Europe, the whole world.  But instead of locking ourselves indoors and waiting for the critical conditions and bad times to pass, this community has leapt into action in order to give its very best.  This is what Pitti Uomo does too – and if I think about what it means, the value it represents, I have to say that a drop of a few percentage points in buyer attendance is truly the last thing I am worried about”.
Looking at the trend for foreign markets: Germany was confirmed as the fair’s top reference market (over 800 German buyers attended); there was an expected fall in the number of French buyers (-11%) as well as a drop in buyers from the United Kingdom (- 5%), albeit less accentuated than the Brexit effect had led us to expect; the attendance figures for Spain and the Netherlands were basically confirmed; there were positive performances from Switzerland (+ 9%), Belgium (+ 6%), the Scandinavian countries, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Ukraine; looking beyond Europe, Japan was confirmed in second place among the most important markets, although there was a slight drop in the number of buyers, as well as it happened for the Chinese buyers; there was growth, however, from countries like Canada (+11%), Hong Kong (+5%), India (+20%) and Taiwan.
Here are the top 20 countries in terms of attendance:
Germany (810 buyers at this edition), Japan (705), United Kingdom (570), Netherlands (564), Spain (540), Turkey (398), France (366), Switzerland (337), Belgium (271), United States (256), China (234), Korea (219), Russia (195), Greece (183), Portugal (158), Austria (154), Sweden (144), Denmark (136), Canada (104), Norway (97).
During Pitti Uomo 95 there was a high amount of participation in and very positive feedback for the special events on the calendar, both those presented by Pitti Immagine (the striking Y/Project catwalk show in the Santa Maria Novella Complex, the debut of the much acclaimed collection by Aldo Maria Camillo, the art and fashion ‘happening’ for Slam Jam’s 30 years of urban culture at the Museo Marino Marini, to mention just a few), as well as those organized by the companies in the Fortezza and around town.
There were also record numbers on the media and social media front: more than 2,700 among international fashion editors, influencers and media representatives; and the 4 days of Pitti Uomo 95 generated around 9,160 posts and 3 million interactions on social media, with an overall Media Impact ValueTM (MIV) of around 10 milion euros.
(from 05/01/19 to 14/01/19 / Data source: Launchmetrics)
The virtual version of Pitti Uomo 95 is already online having gone liveearly on the e-PITTI.com platform and which, from today, will again be proposing all the new ideas from the collections of almost 100 brands exhibited during the fair.