Sealup, the brand of rainwear and outerwear completely Made in Italy, interprets the Rain & Sea world in its new FW 2020 men’s collection. In the Rain world, two capsule collections coexist alongside one another: Heritage revamps Sealup archive items from the 70’s, with chic silhouettes, meticulously designed linings, textured materials in cotton/nylon gabardine, or ultralight matte nylon, with stitchings that are often heat-sealed, while Hurricane arrives from a research project of high technological content, with a modern design that is sustainable at the same time.


Instead, the Sea world is represented by the Marina capsule collection, where each item of the collection originates from one of the original vintage garments of the Sealup archives, which have been faithfully collected over the years. Every fabric, button, detail or accessory was recreated while remaining true to the garments responsible for shaping the history of the sea.


The entire collection of the brand is Full Made in Italy, or rather designed and processed with a fully integrated in-house industrial cycle.