Sundek at Pitti Uomo with the Goldenwave line

Goldenwave is the premium line of Sundek and is inspired by the origins of the brand and its three initial influences: the choice in technical materials and innovative look of boardshorts contrasts with the handcrafted spirit of Japanese cottons and traditional Hawaiian prints. Three macro trends are proposed for the coming SS. Premium Hawaiian Shirts and Walkshorts: the Hawaiian Islands seen as a meeting place between Japanese and American cultures. The collection of traditional Hawaiian shirts and printed walkshorts is proposed on fabrics of Japanese craftsmanship. The prints are original and taken from the archive of the producer, with each one of them tied into the Sundek heritage, next to coconut buttons and sartorial Made in Italy manufacturing. Premium Light T-shirts and sweaters: specially crafted jersey and fleece are woven on old looms dating back to the early 1900’s in Toki, Japan. The long times needed to weave the fabric and the quality of the yarns guarantee softness and top-of-the-line quality. Premium Boardshorts: the materials used and state-of-the-art processes represent the highest level of quality on offer by the market of beachwear. The features and details used guarantee comfort and high performance in the most diversified range of activities.