Beatrice Leanza guests at 'Land Flag: From Waste to New Materials'


The second date with Land Flag: From Waste to New Materials – series of conversations curated by Angela Rui, design critic and curator, on the different visions and relationships we have with our Planet – welcomed guest Beatrice Leanza, critic, curator and director of the MAAT in Lisbon (Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology).

At the Lyceum, in the new Reflections space, Leanza retraced her professional background, starting from Beijing, with her experience as creative director of Beijing Design Week and the creation of The Global School, and ending in Lisbon with her experience at the MAAT, private museum funded by the EDP group (Energias de Portugal). In particular, Leanza dwelled on the role of the museum as a platform for engaging citizens in dialogues on themes such as the lack of action about climate issues, which are not easily accommodated elsewhere; museums as interactive places for discussion, mediation and informing through storytelling and not merely as display cases where people enter, “consume” and leave. As culture is the driving force behind society, the cultural institutions must issue calls to action and help us navigate the stories we are fed by the media. They must also renew themselves, like smart technologies do, and constantly undergo updates, as if they were veritable machines of knowledge.