D.R. Harris & Co. Ltd.
Since 1790, this historic London pharmacy has been offering its sophisticated clientele personal care products of unsurpassed quality. A unique example of dedication to tradition supported by ongoing scientific development. Shaving, hygiene and personal care products made with the expertise of the Royal Court’s pharmacy.

Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561
Sought-after perfumes to win over the most demanding noses. All enclosed in packaging with classic colours. The Arti Maggiori Room Fragrances line is a tribute to Florentine tradition. Between the 12th and 13th centuries, the world of commerce in Florence began developing forms of associated life, giving rise to artisan guilds such as the Arti Maggiori: Arte dei Mercatanti (merchants, finishers and dyers of foreign cloth), Arti del Cambio (bankers and money-changers), Arti della Seta (silk weavers and merchants), Arti dei Medici e Speziali (physicians and pharmacists), Arti della Lana (wool manufacturers and merchants) and Arti dei Giudici e Notai (judges, lawyers and notaries).

Maison Bereto – Fragranza in Arte
Design Candles: a resin bowl which releases a fragrance of cut grass. The Art Candles line, on the other hand, comes about from precious glasses created by taking bottles from the Colle Bereto cellars, carving and finishing them by hand then decorating them with distinctive designs. And here is Essenza Toscana by Maison Bereto: objects, fragrances, scented candles, home accessories. All inspired by nature and Tuscan culture.

Morph Parfum
Morph comes about from the ideas and creativity of a group of young designers and entrepreneurs. With the aim of offering an authentic “Luxury Essence Experience”, Morph aims to create smells that can identify the person wearing them. The starting point, a collection of 11 exclusive fragrances, capable of generating a unique combination of perfume and skin. From Cruda, the best damask rose in Turkey, surrounded by a heart of grey amber from New Zealand, to Indomable, born from a rebellious spirit.

Officina delle Essenze
Synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury, Officina delle Essenze is a family-run business where the rule is still that all-Italian “know-how” that has made Italian production great in the world. Not only Home Fragrances but also enveloping and persistent eaux de parfum, to be worn like a second skin.

Un viaggio attraverso le trame intime dell’anima. Un connubio tra interiorità e stile che regala fragranze in grado di parlare di noi. Una collezione sartoriale che supera i confini del genere e punta dritto all’anima


Perfumes and fabrics share an elective affinity with our skin. Both are directly worn on us, they become a strong statement of our personality. UERMI interprets a new way of wearing its perfumes: sprayed on an exclusive Moreover, UERMI carré to tuck in a pocket or tie around wrist, waist, neck, head. Two exclusive designs printed on a 100% silk twill finished by hand, each one in a gift box to be customized with your favorite fragrance travel size.