Chris Green

Divisional Merchandise Manager
Need Supply Co.

_ What does the future of fashion mean for you, considering all the changes that we have recently noticed, such as see-now-buy-now, menswear and womenswear presented together, the departures of big brands from one fashion week to another, and changes in Creative Directors at the helm of the top brands and labels?
As always, the fashion landscape is ever-evolving and changing, but lately the pace feels like it has picked up. For me, a lot of it comes down to how connected people are these days. That mobility and connectivity has created a strong desire for instant buying gratification. Savvy brands are now trying to capitalize on that demand with see-now-buy-now, which is changing the landscape of how brands are approaching the marketplace. The traditional timelines are being pushed to the side and it feels like more and more brands will be attempting to meet the demands of their customers. 
Not only are the production timeline traditions being tested but what is considered “men’s vs women’s” is also being questioned. Lines are becoming more and more blurred. The same can be said of who gets to take these brands forward. No longer is a strict background in fashion design necessary for being named creative director. The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place due to mobile connectivity and social platforms, so talented individuals are becoming easier to find.
At the end of it all, these changes, the pushing of boundaries, and the idea of not conforming… rebelling....  It’s the reason why I love fashion: that idea of breaking from tradition when needed, that idea of setting yourself apart from everything else. It makes me hopeful for the future of fashion. Although it might not all be good, and some of it might fail, it is what makes this industry so great. The best part of all, is that I am in position to be able to curate and work closely with these brands to offer some of the best products in the world.      
_ In your opinion, which are the brands/designers to watch for the next season? Which countries are the most cutting edge ones coming from at the moment?
I approach each season with a sense of anticipation, and excitement, the SS18 season is no different. I of course have a handful of brands that I follow closely and look to each season. Some of my favorites are CMMN SWDN, Wales Bonner, Our Legacy, Martine Rose, Sasquatchfabrix and Needles. I've also been enjoying the resurgence of Dries van Noten, the new direction of Balenciaga and the newfound feeling of luxury in Maison Margiela. I hope it continues.   
_ What are the main trends for the next Spring/Summer season? What about streetwear and athleisure... how do you think the attitude of the consumers has changed towards these fashion phenomena? Do you think, in a certain way, they have affected the way consumers buy?
Streetwear has always had a place in fashion, especially on the men’s side of things.  Although not always as prevalent, over the past few years, it has completely taken over.  The blending of men’s and women’s wear has also allowed streetwear brands to have more influence since they are capturing more than one gender. This trend also allows for a broader customer base because it is usually less price restrictive than higher fashion items. I think the lower price point, quick product releases, and social exposure have really caused a bit of a consumer frenzy.
_ What do you expect from the next Pitti Uomo edition?

As always I expect a well curated, thoughtful and strong show experience from Pitti Uomo. Each season Pitti Uomo offers a place to meet, discover and work with some of the world’s most exciting and innovative brands.  That, layered with the events and guest designer shows, is really making Pitti Uomo stand out as the most important platform in the men’s fashion industry.